Marla Maples on the #Metoo movement along with being bullied

Maples, who was married to President Trump by 1993-1999, declined to discuss the President or their past relationship in an interview with CNN at a media event in brand new York on Thursday. She did, however, share how she deals with negative comments directed at her on social media.

“You can’t [pay attention to in which] along with my daughter [Tiffany], too. Every at This particular point along with then we’ll see in which along with in which’s painful. We just have to talk each some other through in which along with keep focus on what you’re giving within the planet,” Maples said. “in which’s all you can focus on.”

“I’ve been exposed to a lot of bullying myself along with some awful experiences,” Maples added. “I just believe we have to come together along with stop judging each some other along with start loving each some other. in which to me is usually the most important thing. “

Maples’ life within the spotlight began when she was a runner-up to Miss Georgia USA in 1984. She went on to appear on Broadway along with in television sitcoms throughout ’90s.

For Maples, the #MeToo movement in which has swept Hollywood along with beyond is usually something she wishes existed when she was coming up within the industry.

“I wish when I was young as a design, an actress, in which I had the similar space to talk about the things in which happened to me when I was there [in Hollywood] by Atlanta, Georgia along with dealing with things in which were very, very painful in which happened. I didn’t know how to express myself,” Maples said. “I think in which’s actually important for women along with men, because in which’s also men who are in these abusive situations, to be able to come together along with have each some other to share these stories along with open their hearts to healing.”

Source : Marla Maples on the #Metoo movement along with being bullied