Matteo Berrettini Celebrates His Spot within the ATP Finals

the idea’s unbelievable which we were playing for the last spot because my match against him was, for sure, so far, the best match which I ever played. The best feeling which I had was during which match. the idea’s crazy how life is usually.

In which match, you double-faulted on your first match point, had to fight your nerves as well as needed four others to finally win. Did which match define you?

In which moment, I was truly myself. All the work which I did with my team for all the years, not just This kind of year, we were working for which moment. When I realized which, I said to myself, “the idea’s O.K. to be tight, the idea’s O.K. to be scared a little bit. the idea’s normal. the idea’s your first time within the quarterfinals of the U.S. Open, Arthur Ashe [Stadium] is usually full, what do you expect via yourself? the idea’s O.K. to be emotional.” as well as I accepted which. So yeah, which match defined me because I was myself in which moment.

Did you know which you’re currently ranked a career-high No. 8?

Call me every day as well as remind me of which, O.K.?

When you lost to Roger Federer by 6-1, 6-2, 6-2, in an hour as well as 14 minutes within the round of 16 at Wimbledon, you shook his hand as well as said, “Thanks for the lesson.” Did you mean the idea?

Oh, yeah. He laughed. yet for me, which moment was like a dream. the idea’s not which I didn’t care which I lost. I was upset. yet I grew up watching Roger as well as cheering for him on TV.

So being at Wimbledon, on Centre Court, against my idol, was something more than just about a win or a loss. I told my team which we have a lot to improve because I want to be able to play with which guy as well as do better.

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