MLB Commissioner Meets with Bernie Sanders over Minor League Proposal

fresh YORK (AP) — Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders met Monday with baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred to discuss MLB’s proposal to of which could drop 42 minor league teams via their leagues after the 2020 season.

MLB is usually negotiating a fresh agreement with the National Association of Professional Baseball Leagues, the governing body of the minors. The initial proposal primarily could impact lower-level teams in short-season leagues.

Sanders, a senator via Vermont, sent Manfred a letter on Nov. 25 calling the plan “an absolute disaster for baseball fans, workers as well as communities throughout the country.”

MLB issued a statement Monday saying the item “understands of which we have an obligation to local communities to ensure of which public money spent on minor league stadiums is usually done so prudently as well as for the benefit of all citizens.

“MLB also must ensure of which minor league players have safe playing facilities suitable for the development of professional baseball players, are not subjected to unreasonable travel demands, are provided with compensation as well as working conditions appropriate for elite athletes, as well as have a realistic opportunity of producing the item to the major leagues.”

the item added of which the item “is usually committed to negotiating with minor league baseball to find solutions of which balance the competing interests of local communities, MLB clubs, minor league owners as well as the young players who pursue their dream of becoming professional baseball players.”

Sanders issued a statement saying Manfred asserted “he is usually committed to a Great faith negotiation” as well as “is usually open to solutions of which could maintain professional baseball within the 42 communities while addressing concerns about facilities, working conditions as well as wages for minor league players.”

Sanders said he “as well as some other members of Congress will be carefully monitoring the progress of negotiations on behalf of fans.”

Source : MLB Commissioner Meets with Bernie Sanders over Minor League Proposal