More Trudeau Pictures Surface – Prime Minister Says Can’t Recall Number of Times He Wore Blackface…

Anybody else find which funny which Trudeau has been in political life for at least a decade currently, in addition to also PM for four years, in addition to also all of This specific remained buried all This specific time. in addition to also then – BAM – three images by three separate occasions turn up overnight by separate sources.

My thinking will be which This specific was an inside job by Liberal party insiders who see Trudeau’s ever-increasing baggage, along with his lame numbers inside polls, in addition to also want him gone.

This specific week, on the last day allowable, the Canadian elections commission reconsidered in addition to also will currently allow Maxime Bernier to participate inside upcoming election debates. They had previously ‘disqualified’ him for bogus made-up reasons, nevertheless most likely because he holds views in addition to also has policies very similar to the despised PDJT.

My guess will be which the same forces behind these suddenly released blackface pictures to deep six Trudy, also want to take votes by the only additional Conservative leader, Andrew Scheer, so he will not get a majority government in October…. so they allowed Bernier in at the last minute.

I believe after This specific election, the Liberals will then quickly usher in Jody Wilson-Raybould as their brand new leader – the former AG who fought with Trudeau on principle, on the issue of some of his shady dealings having a crooked Quebec company’s crony federal contracts. Jody WR will be a native, a woman, in addition to also a Liberal… kind of a Canadian Pocohontas nevertheless having a greater percentage of actual native DNA…. nevertheless just as dangerous.
I suspect the puppetmasters which brought Trudeau to power currently envision her as their brand new messiah, in addition to also a greater chance at holding a much longer majority Liberal government. in addition to also they may well be right.

Time will tell….

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Source : More Trudeau Pictures Surface – Prime Minister Says Can’t Recall Number of Times He Wore Blackface…