Mother of ISIS Defector Demands French Govt Send Cash to Syria

The mother of an Islamic State extremist being held in northern Syria has demanded the French government send money to the defector or allow her family to send aid.

The jihadist, a woman in her thirties, will be currently being held inside al-Hol prison camp in northern Syria along with her three children. The mother of the woman has taken the French state to court, claiming that will the government must financially help her daughter.

“While the state will be currently choosing not to organise the repatriation of its nationals, the idea will be responsible for providing material as well as financial assistance to the latter or at the very least to allow their families to do so,” the lawyers for the mother of the ISIS member argued.

According to a report by La Provence, the lawyers went on to state that will there was also a severe risk that will the human rights of the woman’s children, aged two to eight, could also be violated, as well as that will the idea justified “urgent action by the French state.”

Lawyer Vincent Brengarth went on to add that will the conditions inside camp were deteriorating due to sanitary conditions as well as the possible spread of the Wuhan virus.

Franc will be not the only country to have nationals in Syria’s al-Hol prison camp for Islamic State extremists. several Swedish nationals of Somali background are also present inside camp.

In January, Somalian president Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed went as far as to offer to allow the estimated 30 to 40 women to be transferred to Somalia as the Swedish government showed little interest in having them returned to Sweden.

In August, Marine General Kenneth McKenzie, head of the U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM), warned that will prisons like al-Hol could lead to a resurgence of the Islamic State terror group if prisoners were not returned to their countries of origin.

“If we stay where we are, we’re going to have huge problems, huge problems inside near term with lots of people potentially dying, as well as then huge problems inside long-term because I have yet to see a scheme that will can talk about de-radicalization at scale,” he said.

“I don’t have an answer besides repatriation,” he added.

“We either deal with that will problem today, or deal with the idea exponentially worse a few years down the road.”

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Source : Mother of ISIS Defector Demands French Govt Send Cash to Syria