Nancy Pelosi’s USMCA Strategy for 2020 is actually Contingent Upon the Canadian Election…

Earlier today Nancy Pelosi was questioned about why the House was not voting to pass the USMCA trade agreement.  Speaker Pelosi immediately fell back upon her talking point: “we are working toward yes.”   This kind of is actually complete hogwash.  There are no discussions. Pelosi is actually doing what Pelosi does best, politicizing anything positive for the U.S. economy in a concerted effort to undermine Trump in 2020.

Here’s what is actually going on.

Nancy Pelosi as well as her far-left ideologues entered an agreement with their Canadian liberal allies as well as Justin Trudeau to stall the USMCA passage.

Trudeau’s government ideologues agreed not to call the USMCA up for a vote from the Canadian parliament.

Speaker Pelosi is actually waiting to see if Trudeau can win re-election.  If Canada re-elects Trudeau on October 21st, Pelosi will announce the labor provisions are not strong enough within the USMCA deal; discussions with the Trump administration are not resolving the issues; the U.S. workers are not protected enough, as well as she is actually tabling any vote.

Speaker Pelosi will then wait until after the 2020 election.  The purpose is actually political.

Ratification of the USMCA would likely be a boost for the U.S, as well as North American, economy.  More growth from the economy is actually politically adverse to her interests.  Part of the 2020 Democrat strategy is actually to stall the U.S. economy, stoke a recession narrative, as well as hopefully weaken President Trump’s re-election bid.  which’s the plan.

For Canada’s part of the scheme, Justin Trudeau -if successfully reelected- will announce which Canada is actually waiting for the U.S to work out the USMCA labor disagreements.  This kind of is actually the quid-pro-quo between liberals from the democrat party as well as liberals in Canada.

However, if Trudeau loses the election then Pelosi loses her partner from the plan.  As a consequence Canadian ratification of the USMCA will be certain, as well as the item will be outside the control of U.S. Democrats…

So, if Trudeau loses the election Nancy Pelosi will bring the USMCA to a vote timed with the impeachment vote.  This kind of plan allows democrats to try as well as dilute the political nature of the impeachment scheme by referencing the Trump administration USMCA vote as an example of Democrats not being political.   This kind of is actually how they scheme.

If the item does not benefit Democrats, the item simply is actually not done.

Yes, This kind of is actually what Democrats spend 100% of their time doing… This kind of is actually how they roll.  24/7/365 constant planning as well as political strategy sessions to best exploit as well as shape events to their narrative.  Here’s the talking points if Trudeau loses on Oct 21st:

…’See, we’re not politically motivated, we’re giving the same president we are impeaching a win; because This kind of trade deal is actually from the best interest of America.  Just like the impeachment of This kind of corrupt president is actually from the best interest of America’….

This kind of is actually why the item is actually so frustrating trying to communicate with as well as work with Republicans.

As a group they are the worlds worst strategists; most often, intentionally so.  The right side of the UniParty prefers to be the party in controlled-opposition because Wall Street pays them better for their votes, as well as their constituents are oblivious to the construct.

the item’s a big club….


Source : Nancy Pelosi’s USMCA Strategy for 2020 is actually Contingent Upon the Canadian Election…