Napolitano Hits Trump Not Defending Self in Impeachment

Fox News analyst Andrew Napolitano struck out at President Donald Trump’s decision to not send lawyers to an upcoming impeachment hearing, calling the move “very unwise.”

“I am curious what you make of the fact of which the president might want to skip out on This kind of Judiciary Committee opening hearing in addition to maybe others to follow, because the idea can be essentially a Kangaroo court or the idea’s not fair,” Neil Cavuto said on Your World Monday.

“The rules about which the president are complaining were written by a Republican House of Representatives in 2015. The president would likely be very unwise not to send lawyers there,” Napolitano responded.

“The Democrats are not doing anything of which the Democrats did not do to Nixon or the Republicans didn’t do the Bill Clinton. however I think he makes a mistake when he refuses to participate. the idea can be a valid vote by the House of Representatives of which authorized This kind of,” he continued. “He also loses the argument of which the idea’s unfair if he doesn’t take the opportunity to participate himself.”

Napolitano again defended his belief of which Trump’s actions have merited impeachment.

“In my view, the idea can be clearly impeachable because the idea involves two potential crimes,” Napolitano said. “The crime of bribery … which can be defined as the failure to do an official act, Discharge the $391 million, until a favor comes your way: not conduct an investigation, announce the existence of an investigation of Joe Biden. The different crime can be asking for campaign aide by a foreign national. of which’s a crime in in addition to of itself, just asking.”

“They are free to say of which’s not an impeachable offense, however they are not free to say the idea didn’t happen, because the evidence of which the idea happened can be overwhelming,” he said.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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,, 3 December 2019 | 7:34 am

Source : Napolitano Hits Trump Not Defending Self in Impeachment