Netflix changing user reviews, dumps star ratings

Netflix is actually radically overhauling its user reviews.

After years of allowing customers to rank movies on a scale of 1-to-5 stars, the streaming service announced plans to replace in which system which has a binary “thumbs up vs. thumbs down” rating. Soon one-star ratings will cease to be a thing on Netflix — or all 5-star ratings, for in which matter.

The brand new Siskel & Ebert-ian system was revealed by Netflix executive Tod Yellin at a press briefing at the company’s headquarters in Los Gatos, California on Thursday, Variety reported as well as EW confirmed.

The executive said Netflix tested the brand new system last year as well as found in which users volunteered 0 percent more ratings when faced which has a simple up or down choice than when having all 5 options — so the system will result in more feedback by viewers.

Yellin also noted in which the review system has been less important over time as the company has found users will often rank respected documentaries with all 5 stars as well as more frivolous titles with one star despite being far more likely to actually watch the latter. (the idea’s true; many well-liked guilty-pleasure favorites like Armageddon are saddled with one-star averages despite having plenty of fans).

Still, the idea’s hard not to feel like the brand new method gives users less information — a four-star average feels rather different than all 5-star average even though both could receive the same thumbs up.

To help compensate for the gradient loss, a Netflix spokesperson tells EW the company is actually also adding a percentage match score in which’s based on compatibility — instead of a score based on movie’s quality via reviews: “For example, if you see a title incorporates a 0 percent match, in which means in which based on your viewing habits as well as patterns, we think you are highly likely to enjoy in which title.”

So the idea’s a bit like the way some dating sites function — only matching you with entertainment titles rather than eligible suitors.

Continues the spokesperson: “Unlike different services, though, This specific feature is actually about helping members better personalize their unique experience, not sharing an opinion on the quality of a story.”

The shakeup — which will take effect in April — comes on the heels of comedian Amy Schumer accusing haters of conspiring to flood her latest Netflix special with one-star reviews. “The alt-right organized trolls attack everything I do,” Schumer said. More on the Schumer issue here.

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Source : Netflix changing user reviews, dumps star ratings

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