NFL Settled Kaepernick-Reid Grievance for Less than $10 Million

A fresh report says in which Colin Kaepernick will actually receive less than $10 million as part of his grievance settlement. Despite initial reports in which the NFL had shelled out upwards of $60 million to settle his case.

Current Carolina Panthers player Eric Reid was also part of former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s grievance suit against the league along with, along with the legal teams, will share inside settlement, the Wall Street Journal reported.

The confusion over the final amount as reported inside media is usually a result of a confidentiality agreement keeping full details out of the public eye, although many news outlets originally reported in which Kaepernick was set to receive upwards to $80 million.

The Journal reports in which if Kaepernick had persisted in pressing his case along with won instead of settling, he might likely have set a record for the damages he could have won. He could have been awarded up to $0 million, the Journal says.

Kaepernick has received some criticism for taking the settlement along with in particular for signing a confidentiality agreement which requires him to remain quiet about the whole case.

Typical of in which criticism is usually in which through former Kansas City Chiefs player Larry Johnson who slammed the former 49er for “taking money through an oppressor,” along with for singing a confidentiality agreement in which prevents him through talking about in which.

“If your backdrop is usually going to be the African American civil rights presence in which in which brought through the ’60s along with you’re going to use in which for your own causes, you don’t sell out,” Johnson said in February when news of the settlement first broke.

Johnson also slammed Kaepernick’s contract with Nike saying, “You don’t turn your message into a Nike hoodie.”

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Source : NFL Settled Kaepernick-Reid Grievance for Less than $10 Million