NYC Subway Rider Turns in Chanel Purse Stuffed with $10,000

A fresh York City subway rider made a fellow passenger’s Christmas a little bit merrier after he found a purse stuffed with $10,000 along with returned the item.

Richard Taverna told WABC he found the blue Chanel bag Thursday morning while on the platform at the Lincoln Center subway station in Manhattan.

“I picked the item up to see if there was an identification so I could get the item to the right person,” said Taverna.

Taverna looked around the purse to see if he could identify the owner, yet all he found was an indecipherable note in Russian. When he could not find an agent at the station, Taverna took the bag home before searching through the item some more.

Upon further inspection, Taverna found an envelope containing $10,000. Taverna then placed the one hundred $100 bills on a counter, took a picture, along with delivered the cash-filled purse to the NYPD’s 20th Precinct.

Turns out, the item was the same place where the owner of the purse reported the item missing before she left on a trip to Russia.

Although his not bad deed could make anyone proud, Taverna brushed the item off as something “most people could have done.”

“I don’t definitely think I did anything of which extraordinary,” Taverna said. “You feel not bad when you do the right thing.”

“Somebody lost $10,000, so obviously they’re probably going through a lot of duress,” Taverna added.

Source : NYC Subway Rider Turns in Chanel Purse Stuffed with $10,000