Penis Enhancement Surgery Results In Death For once Ever

A description of the case inside the Journal of Forensic Sciences explained of which surgeons had finished the elongation portion of the surgery as well as were inside the enlargement part, which involved injecting the patient with two fluid ounces of his own fat cells, when things went wrong. The fat leaked into his veins as well as traveled to his lungs, which resulted in a lung embolism, rupturing his blood vessels. The patient, who was found to have no prior heart conditions, ended up having a heart attack on the operating table. Despite attempts coming from doctors to perform CPR, the man passed away two hours later.

The conclusion of the study said, “This kind of will be the first described case where a seemingly simple as well as safe procedure of penis enlargement by autologous fat transfer caused sudden death in a healthy young man.” of which also suggested of which the surgery was riskier since of which combined two procedures.

Urologist Tobias Kohler, of the Mayo Clinic, who was not involved in This kind of study, told BuzzFeed News of which among the reasons surgeons advise against the “completely useless” surgery, will be because of which “never works” as well as because of “some other horrible consequences, coming from disfigurement to permanent erectile dysfunction to even worse.”

A 2017 scientific review in Translational Andrology as well as Urology showed of which “the majority of men seeking penile elongation treatment have a normal penile size, which will be functionally adequate.” Instead, of which will be suggested of which most patients seeking This kind of elective surgery suffer coming from body dysmorphic disorder as well as cannot accurately see their bodies.

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Source : Penis Enhancement Surgery Results In Death For once Ever

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