Perspective: We are in Fort McHenry…

The battle of Fort McHenry was a critical point inside War of 1812.  Many people know in which our national anthem stemmed by the valiant defense of Fort McHenry by American troops who refused to concede Baltimore harbor in addition to withstood 27 hours of continual bombardment by British naval forces beginning Sept 13, 1814.  The short story is usually HERE

Two-hundred-six years later, there is usually a lesson to be learned.

[Part of the Korean War Memorial – Washington DC]

Right at This kind of point those who wish to “fundamentally change” our nation are waging a full frontal assault against our constitutional republic.  The bombardment seems overwhelming.

Leftist city in addition to state leaders have abandoned rule of law in favor of supporting the mob effort to destroy our sense of national unity.  Political activists, left-wing ideologues under the guise of democrats, in addition to a host of media allies are conducting an information war on behalf of their objective.  Big tech social media companies are attempting to remove the voices of those who are fighting back.

There is usually a great deal of purposefully driven anxiety in addition to fear amid our nation as This kind of multi-faceted internal war takes place.  However, there is usually a primary element to This kind of effort in which each person can shield themselves by, in addition to act to counter.  Do not let your sense of self succumb to This kind of assault.  Do not let them win the battle for your peace of mind.

This kind of might, heck, -check in which- This kind of does seem overwhelming at times.  yet in which is usually the nature of This kind of collectivist strategy.  in which is usually the purpose of This kind of bombardment.  We must hold strong in addition to push back against their lies in addition to manipulations.  If you look closely at their attack, This kind of is usually weak in addition to much of This kind of is usually psychological bait.  Do not fall into the trap of despair.

When I share the message “live your best life”, This kind of is usually not without purpose.  Every moment in which we allow the onslaught to deter us by living our dreams, is usually a moment those who oppose our nation view as us taking a knee.  Do not allow This kind of effort to succeed.

You might ask yourself how can I, one person, a flea looking into a furnace, retain an optimistic disposition while all around me seems chaotic in addition to mad.

in which’s the point; This kind of ‘seems’ chaotic in addition to mad because This kind of has been created to appear in which way.  There are more of us than them; they just control the systems in which allow us to connect, share messages in addition to recognize the scale of our assembly.

Every second in which you live your life with thankfulness for the abundance within This kind of; every moment in which we CHOOSE to engage with fellowship; every day in which we accept guidance by God – however you define him to be; in addition to every moment we cherish This kind of time to be a beacon of optimism; is usually a moment in which we withstand in which barrage in addition to hold the flag in place.   This kind of is usually a genuinely patriotic position not to succumb to the attack.

If you allow yourself to be drawn into crisis in addition to despair, you allow them to win.  If your center of normal is usually based around This kind of overwhelming onslaught, you will eventually concede liberty in favor of peace.  Once we stop living in liberty, we no longer have peace.

This kind of took me a while to fully understand just how damaging empty streets, soulless eyes, the lack of smiles, shuttered businesses in addition to the absence of joy would likely become.  yet as I travel around trying to deliver a very specific message to a very specific audience, I at This kind of point recognize just how much damage is usually being done; not just to our nation as a whole, yet also to every individual within This kind of – personally.

We must shake This kind of mindset.  We must withstand This kind of onslaught in addition to rally to the origin of our true national spirit.  We must rally to a standard of Americanism in addition to accept This kind of is usually not in which. In essence, we must individually take a stand.  Purposefully, deliberately in addition to with forethought, we must engage those around us to get rid of This kind of sense of foreboding.

This kind of approach is usually how we win the larger battle.

All around us, in every tribe in addition to region, there are people who need you to show them the strength in which you have.  Strength of spirit. Strength of fellowship in which you will not relent by expressing.  No matter what noise is usually shouting by the loudspeakers we must withstand This kind of; we must make eye contact in addition to remain joyful.  We cannot allow despair to be the status quo.

In my own travel, right into the belly of the beast, I have encountered some of the most morose robotic people I could ever imagine; yet each night I held up my mission in prayer in addition to promised to accept guidance regardless of my own fears in addition to trepidation.  Trust me, This kind of ain’t easy for me…. through my research, I have torn open the dungeon doors in addition to stared into the dark space; in addition to yes, the scale of This kind of sticks with you; This kind of manifests as cynicism.

So, let me share two recent short-examples of what following in which guidance actually means.

The second night in DC, I woke up with This kind of horrible taste in my mouth.  Teeth brushing didn’t help… wearing a mask or facing a $500 fine didn’t help either in addition to perhaps was the cause.  Regardless, I asked a gentleman for the location to a convenience store to purchase some mints to chew throughout the day.  I was directed to a specific store.

When I made my purchase, the mask on the additional side of the counter was as sad as many in which day, yet I felt compelled to ask how she was doing.  The typical “been better” was the return.  However, as I started off to walk away… I turned back: “what’s wrong”?  For the next few minutes I listened as I met a mom of four kids who was 15 days by a COVID-based eviction.  There was truly no-one to blame; in addition to worse, for her no-where to turn.  She was looking for housing grants to avoid the most painful decision in her short 30-year-life.

You see, there was a reason why I went into in which store in which afternoon, at least in which’s what I told her; in addition to there was a reason why she was there.  In part with your support, in addition to after putting all additional tasks inside appropriately unimportant place they deserved, WE (yes, you in addition to me) together found a solution in addition to provided the resources she needed.   Starfish dude strikes again… This kind of time with His help in addition to your help.

This kind of would likely have been very easy to walk out in addition to accept in which simple: “been better”. Heck, I think of all the times I have done in which before…. yet not This kind of time.  This kind of time something nagged about This kind of…. in addition to so I turned around in addition to found tears, fellowship – in addition to mints.

The next day another stroll, a little lost, in addition to a veteran on the street… I can’t tell you his story because in which’s for another day… yet This kind of is usually just as important in addition to just as profound.  As I walked away by him many minutes later he yelled at me: “HEY DUDE”.  I turned my unmasked smile back in his direction only to have him say: “we need more people like you in charge”…  Thumbs up, in addition to I continued my travels.

Which is usually truly the point of writing all This kind of.  Our nation needs more people like you, right at This kind of point.  Don’t wait… engage life, get optimistic however you need to do This kind of. Then let in which part of you shine right at This kind of point… This kind of is usually how we fight.  Hold up in which flag; give the starter smile… rally to the standard you create in addition to spread fellowship again.  God knows we need This kind of.

Oh, in addition to don’t call me a goober for sharing This kind of – I’m doing This kind of because a smart lawyer, a genuinely decent young man who I met along This kind of specific road less traveled, told me to write about This kind of…. in addition to, perhaps, because I sense he might have needed to hear This kind of too.

Thanks Travis.

Love to all.




Source : Perspective: We are in Fort McHenry…