Peter Weber along with Chris Harrison explain Hannah Brown’s return to ‘The Bachelor’

the item was odd considering Brown had dumped Peter Weber, the star of the reality show, on last season’s “The Bachelorette.”

To see her back while Weber was looking for love left many viewers confused along with left the contestants in a fury.

yet Weber along with host Chris Harrison are trying to explain to fans of the show exactly how the item all went down.

“First of all, the item was supposed to just be kind of a sweet, sincere, ‘I want to give you your wings back’ (moment),” Harrison said at the Television Critics Association. “along with then the item was supposed to be fun along with light for her to come back on the date. We did not intend on (them) truly sitting down along with having a talk. yet then the item all truly dissolved into what you saw, This particular gut-wrenching, raw emotional talk.”

The rest of Weber along with Brown’s conversation continued during last night’s episode on ABC.

Weber claims he had no idea his ex was going to be showing up.

“(I) had no idea … along with the item caught me off guard, I was truly curious why she was there,” Weber said. “which was a truly real, raw conversation. the item brought back feelings along with I couldn’t hide those. You guys will see what happens next, yet the item obviously wasn’t over yet.”

inside end, Weber sent Brown home.

“Even though which conversation wasn’t planned, the item needed to happen, along with the hardest part for me was just struggling with the fact which I had amazing women [who] just showed up, along with I didn’t have any feelings yet for anyone,” Weber said. “the item was too soon to have any legit connection. So, the item was awkward, the item was uncomfortable, yet the item needed to happen.”

Source : Peter Weber along with Chris Harrison explain Hannah Brown’s return to ‘The Bachelor’