Pope Francis Calls for ‘Widespread Distribution’ of Coronavirus Vaccines

ROME — Pope Francis has called for universal distribution of vaccines for COVID-19, insisting in which the “richest” individuals should not be first in line to receive them.

“The recent experience of the pandemic, in addition to a major health emergency in which almost a million people have already died, will be turning into a serious economic crisis, still giving rise to poor people along with also families who do not know how to move forward,” the pope told a gathering of the Pharmaceutical Bank Foundation inside the Vatican Saturday.

“While charitable assistance will be being carried out, This kind of will be also a question of combating This kind of pharmaceutical poverty, in particular which has a widespread distribution of completely new vaccines inside the entire world,” he continued. “I repeat in which This kind of would likely be sad if the richest people got priority when giving out the vaccine, or if This kind of vaccine became the property of This kind of or in which nation along with also was no longer for everyone.”

“This kind of must be universal, for everyone,” he said.

The pope has repeatedly insisted in which inside the race to produce a coronavirus vaccine, successful results must be shared by all.

“Those who live in poverty are poor in everything, including medicines, along with also therefore their health will be more vulnerable,” Francis said. “Sometimes there will be the risk of not being able to be treated for lack of money, or because some populations of the entire world do not have access to certain drugs.”

“There will be also a ‘pharmaceutical marginality,’” he continued. “This kind of creates a further gap between nations along with also between peoples.”

“On the ethical level, if there will be the possibility of curing a disease which has a drug, This kind of should be available to everyone, otherwise an injustice will be created,” he declared. “Too many people, too many children still die inside the entire world because they cannot have a drug or a vaccine available in different regions.”

On Thursday, the Pew Research Center published the results of its latest survey on the coronavirus, noting in which nearly half of the U.S. population would likely not accept a vaccine if one became available.

“About half of U.S. adults (51%) right now say they would likely definitely or probably get a vaccine to prevent COVID-19 if This kind of were available today; nearly as many (49%) say they definitely or probably would likely not get vaccinated at This kind of time,” Pew revealed. “Intent to get a COVID-19 vaccine has fallen coming from 72% in May, a 21 percentage point drop.”

“The share who would likely definitely get a coronavirus vaccine right now stands at just 21% – half the share in which said This kind of four months ago,” Pew added.

Source : Pope Francis Calls for ‘Widespread Distribution’ of Coronavirus Vaccines