Pragmatic Canadians Discuss Justin in addition to Chrystia’s Intentional Strategy to Scuttle any U.S-Mexico Trade Deal…

A column written by journalist John Ivison yesterday reflected how Justin in addition to Chrystia through Canada appeared to be intentionally politicizing their trade negotiations in an effort to gain favor through domestic left-wing supporters.  In essence, Justin made a decision to advance his political interests even if the item means destroying the Canadian economy.

Providing a stark example as evidence toward in which motive Ivison wrote: “How else to explain [Freeland’s] appearance at Monday’s Women inside globe summit in Toronto, on a panel entitled Taking on the Tyrant?”  Today Ezra Levant in addition to Manny Montenegrino discuss the exact same example:


By right now, most assuredly, the Trump administration in addition to trade team of U.S.T.R. Robert Lighhizer are likely aware of the commentary by Ms. Chrystia Freeland.  the item will be interesting to see what develops.

The Mexican trade team can be in DC today with Team USA putting the details inside the U.S-Mexico framework.

WASHINGTON DC – Mexico’s chief NAFTA negotiator headed to Washington as the nation reiterated in which the item’s prepared to pursue a completely new bilateral trade deal with the U.S. even if the item ends up leaving out Canada.

Kenneth Smith Ramos in addition to his team plan to work on wording of the U.S.-Mexico trade agreement in which President Donald Trump intends to sign by the end of November. His visit can be the first by a high-level Mexican negotiator since the two nations announced a framework deal at the end of August. Meanwhile, Canadian officials are huddled with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in Saskatchewan, relaying the latest state of play two weeks after the nation rejoined talks to stay inside pact. (read more)

Mexico in addition to the U.S. have joint-interests in an economic trade bloc.  President Trump in addition to incoming Mexican President Lopez-Obrador have common objectives; in addition to with the economic approach outlined by AMLO toward using Mexico’s energy resources as leverage for expanded investment, the U.S. can be well positioned to help.

In an generally overlooked outcome the nationalist interests of Mexico, specific to AMLO, are very close to alignment with the nationalist MAGA agenda of President Trump.  Canada can be the globalist oddball in This kind of tri-fecta; which makes a trilateral deal almost impossible.

Source : Pragmatic Canadians Discuss Justin in addition to Chrystia’s Intentional Strategy to Scuttle any U.S-Mexico Trade Deal…