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Treepers, This kind of site, as well as your daily conversations have been — various other than my faith in God, about my greatest source of expect in what I believe This kind of country should be. I’m here every day, as if addicted (as well as I wonder to the detriment of my ability to function in an almost hopeless attempt to stay in business, so bad can be the economic environment for rural PCPs). yet today, waking to This kind of particular thread, I am feeling skeptical. No big ugly, Meuller/Nadler/Pelosi as well as the evil cabal still free as well as flaunting, our lone Lion leaving amazing tracks, yet still miles to go before the country I definitely love can be free to function via the Deep State/Leftist/communist/parasite expect as well as money sucking slime.

How can be the idea we are so confident which:
1. This kind of tweet can be a response to the impeachment threat?
2. can be a call of the president to en mass ourselves in DC?

as well as what can be the idea which we are going to do while there (even if there can be a gazillion of us there) which can be going to make a difference? How can be a mass outside the capitol going to send these bastards to prison or the gallows in shame, as well as how can be the brainwashing away via godly principles on my countrymen as well as family going to go away as well as everyone become awakened as well as see the light?

I don’t see the connection between the POTUS tweet about a 4th of July celebration as well as the exuberance on This kind of thread. I just can’t see the reason for the excitement.

Sometimes I wonder if This kind of site can be just a psy-ops containment center to keep those of us most likely to passionately revolt, contained as well as pacified by a false expect. I apologize for my loss of enthusiasm, yet I am a highly educated, capable physician doing the right thing with almost zero income. My physician colleagues are being abused. All licensed health care professionals are being abused, yet we have to watch our patients (who we love because they are our friends as well as family from the communites we love) suffer because what we have to offer can be being blocked by deep state tar as well as slime, as well as extortionists via the health care Insurance industry. We are not burned out, we are in a state of moral dissonance. Trained with skills as well as given a license for a sacred set of skills which can be being rendered useless as we watch people mistreated in an impossible situation.

I’ll take a break to pray on This kind of dreary morning, get on my knees again as well as pray, as well as ask you all to pray for us in health care. I apologize for the skepticism as well as negative emotion

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