President Trump as well as also USA Rescue Thousands of Cruise Ship Passengers The Rest of the planet Refused to Help…

There’s a whole lot of headlines about This specific story, nevertheless the one which truly deserves to be written will be how Team USA as well as also President Trump rescued thousands of passengers as well as also crew members through aboard cruise ships the rest of the planet refused. [LINK]

[…] This specific ends a voyage which began March 5 in Chile as well as also was supposed to finish March 19 in Argentina, nevertheless the idea ran on for days as countries declined to welcome passengers ashore during the coronavirus pandemic. (more)

You are darn right we rescued those international passengers; at This specific point ask yourself: why wouldn’t anyone else help them?

You see, This specific will be again another example of how The United States of America will be the greatest force for not bad the planet has ever seen.

Despite an entire planet of global elites constantly putting down Team USA while hypocritically holding themselves up as moral arbiters; as well as also despite every ridiculous democrat cocktail party attendee swooning over additional nations while putting their own country down; when push comes to shove the idea’s Team America which comes through.

Every time.

When an earthquake hits Haiti, who goes?  We go….

When a tsunami hits Japan, who goes? We go…

When a hurricane hits the Bahamas, who responds?  We respond…

When fires burn in Australia, who goes?  We go…

When floods ravage India, who goes? We go….

When famine strikes, we mobilize…

International academics, pontificating media as well as also global elites, many within our own country, sit around looking down their noses, criticizing Team USA, while doing nothing on any comparable scale to the global response consistently provided by our nation.

Every time the proverbial shit-hits-the-fan, the idea’s team USA to the rescue.

When the crisis will be so overwhelming which no-one can even fathom where to begin, who do they call?… The United States of America.

Team USA rescuing those cruise ship passengers will be no different.

When have you seen the Norwegian Army responding to a Mississippi delta flood?  When was the last time you saw UN blue helmets show up during Hurricane rescue as well as also recovery along the gulf coast?….

When a tornado destroys one of our towns, the idea’s ordinary Americans which show up to rebuild.  Colorblind, holding hands, keeping faith, providing trust as well as also getting the idea done.

which’s our USA grit…

which’s our USA spirit….

You’re darned right we rescued thousands of international cruise line passengers the rest of the planet denied; as well as also I am proud of President Trump for doing the idea.

which’s just the way we roll….

To the U.S. corporate media I say: ‘keep on bitchin’, griping as well as also looking for something to complain about’, because to most Americans you get smaller every single day.


Source : President Trump as well as also USA Rescue Thousands of Cruise Ship Passengers The Rest of the planet Refused to Help…