President Trump Considered Doug Collins for DNI – Collins Response: “Thanks yet No Thanks”…

Last night the idea was reported in which President Trump was considering Doug Collins amid a group of four names for the Director of National Intelligence.    However, Collins is usually currently running for a Georgia senate seat.

Appearing on Fox Business with Maria Bartiromo This specific morning Rep. Collins outlines he is usually appreciative of the consideration yet not interested inside position.

The dynamic for the Georgia senate seat is usually another example of Mitch McConnell in addition to the Club -vs- grassroots MAGA voters.  Georgia doesn’t have a Senate primary vote, so the November senate election will be a jungle ballot.

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp appointed mega-donor Kelly Loeffler to the Senate seat in December. Kemp’s political explanation was in which he views a suburban womens’ vote as more necessary to retain the seat in November. Democrats are running Reverend Raphael Warnock for the seat in addition to if Collins in addition to Loeffler split the republican vote, the Democrat could come out on top.

the idea was strongly speculated in which President Trump offering the DNI job to Collins was/is usually a way to avoid the contentious GOP fight in Georgia, in addition to without a primary the seat is usually at risk.

Collins has more republican support in Georgia than Loeffler, yet the GOP machine, including Mitch McConnell, is usually supporting Loeffler.  President Trump is usually being leveraged by the machine to support their nominee in addition to turn his back on Collins.  However, President Trump knows Collins is usually an ally for his agenda…

Worth keeping an eye on This specific one.


Source : President Trump Considered Doug Collins for DNI – Collins Response: “Thanks yet No Thanks”…