Proud Boys Discharge Official Statement After Portland Officials Target in addition to also ARREST Conservative Pro-Trump Patriots Before Saturday Rally

Proud Boys Discharge Official Statement After Portland Officials Target in addition to also ARREST Conservative Pro-Trump Patriots Before Saturday Rally

Far left Portland in addition to also Multnomah County officials sent out the police on conservative dissidents before a rally on Saturday. Several pro-Trump activists have been arrested over the last week, with warrants out for others, as the state officially files criminal charges stemming coming from the brawl of which took place at antifa clubhouse Cider Riot. None of the antifa people involved inside the melee face any charges, despite them throwing beer bottles at the Trump crew, pepper -spraying media, assaulting a student filmmaker in addition to also vandalizing his camera, in addition to also even wacking one guy which has a baton as he was retreating.

So far Ian Kramer is usually in custody on multiple felony charges, Matthew “Deme” Cooper (of Airliner World in addition to also More on YouTube) originally faced misdemeanors of Harassment in addition to also Disorderly Conduct nevertheless right now faces felony Riot, Mackenzie Lewis was arrested by the US Marshals on a charge of Riot, in addition to also right now Patriot Prayer leader Joey Gibson is usually right now being charged with Riot. Another person, Russell Schultz, was also picked up by US Marshals in Washington. Witnesses say Schultz was just standing around in addition to also didn’t do anything. Others who were there nevertheless not taking part, such as independent media, are right now concerned of which they could be indicted as part of the brawl, despite their passive behavior.

Patriot prayer leader Joey Gibson


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On Friday the Proud Boys organization released an official statement on the police round up of conservative activists in Portland, Oregon.

Miami, FL — Following an embarrassing in addition to also impotent performance on Fox News, Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler has decided to randomly pursue criminal charges against right-leaning political activists inside the days leading up to the August 17th “End Domestic Terrorism” rally aimed at drawing attention to the documented in addition to also deranged violent tactics of Antifa. This particular coordinated Gestapo-style roundup of free speech advocates is usually not a mistake or randomly timed. Considering the lack of arrests or warrants issued for dozens of violent Antifa domestic terrorists still at large coming from previous melees, these disturbing movements prove an underlying political motivation for the recent actions coming from the Portland Mayor in addition to also Portland Police Bureau.

Wheeler refused to name the domestic terrorist group by name during his Fox News interview, nevertheless claimed of which the Portland Police Bureau was still investigating Antifa’s brutal beating of gay journalist Andy Ngo, which left him hospitalized which has a brain bleed. Despite a mountain of evidence, in addition to also Rose City Antifa claiming responsibility for the gay-bashing, no warrants have been issued or arrests made. Antifa has been allowed to run roughshod over law enforcement in addition to also the citizens in Portland for years, using their fists in addition to also blunt force objects to bludgeon their opponents into silence or self-imposed exile coming from subsequent political gatherings for fear of ending up in a bodybag or forever maimed at the hands of the black masked psychopaths.

Just recently, an Antifa obsessed in addition to also alt-left linked madman killed 9 people in addition to also injured more than a dozen during a mass-shooting in Dayton, Ohio. The perpetrator was an active advocate of Antifa, specifically their use of violence against anyone who opposes their desire for a progressive anarcho society.

On Thursday, the Portland Police Bureau falsely claimed on Twitter of which the item had been unable to coordinate with the organizers of the “End Domestic Terrorism” rally, despite organizers having already begun communication which has a liaison officer. While the organizers of the “End Domestic Terrorism” rally remain steadfast in their support for law enforcement officers, putting such dubious claims out to the public serve no purpose additional than to stoke the flames of division in addition to also discontent.

“Unfortunately, the item looks like an Antifa sympathizer or a politically motivated public relations staffer with the Portland Police Bureau is usually intent on creating a cloud of confusion surrounding Saturday’s gathering. As such, the item is usually extremely important for us to make clear several things yet again; we will not tolerate violence or racism, those looking to engage in racism or violence should stay home or you will be mocked in addition to also humiliated inside the most peaceful manner possible. We have been in contact which has a liaison officer with the Portland Police Bureau in addition to also find the item very concerning of which they are claiming otherwise. We have engaged with local in addition to also federal law enforcement regarding their concerns coming from the beginning. To say otherwise is usually simply not true,” stated organizer Enrique Tarrio, who serves as the Chairman of the Proud Boys.

The “End Domestic Terrorism” rally has turned into a hotly debated discussion on the activities of Antifa, a group of which every sane American wants labeled as a domestic terrorist organization, following a cascade of violence initiated by the group of which has swept coming from coast-to-coast since the election of Donald Trump. Portland, Oregon has been the birthpoint of the group’s more violent in addition to also anti-American activities.

“The Proud Boys have a long history of defending rallygoers in addition to also draining local bars of their beers in addition to also booze. We will have several prominent constitutional law attorneys on standby This particular weekend inside the event of which Antifa or the Portland Police Bureau infringe on our constitutionally protected right to assemble peacefully in addition to also communicate our love for America in addition to also all things patriotic,” concluded Joe Biggs, a two-time Purple Heart combat veteran who is usually also organizing in addition to also overseeing the “End Domestic Terrorism” rally.

No weapon of which is usually formed against thee shall prosper; in addition to also every tongue of which shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This particular is usually the heritage of the servants of the LORD, in addition to also their righteousness is usually of me, saith the LORD. – Isaiah 54:17


Anyone of which intends on joining the “End Domestic Terrorism” rally on Saturday in Downtown Portland should refrain coming from bringing any items or objects of which could be considered weapons. You will be ejected, sight-unseen, period.


If you are not on-site by 11am, please stay home. the item is usually imperative of which all rallygoers arrive on time for their own safety.


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