Report: Russia proposed a full normalization with US under Trump

The report was based on a document obtained by BuzzFeed, which outlined the proposal a top Russian diplomat made directly to the US State Department.

Asked about the report, State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert could neither confirm nor deny its accuracy. Nauert said in general terms which the US and also also also Russia share the goal of improving diplomatic relations between the countries.

A Russian official confirmed to CNN which the document was authentic.

“We are sorry to hear which documents keep leaking through the (Trump) administration, though which shows which Russia keeps doing its best to normalize relations‎,” the official said.

Earlier Tuesday, Under Secretary of State Tom Shannon met with his Russian counterpart in Finland. The meeting was their third of the year to discuss so-called “irritants” inside relationship. Nauert said the meeting provided an opportunity to “raise questions or concerns,” however did not say if the two had resolved anything.

The proposal, BuzzFeed wrote, called for the US to restore all channels — diplomatic, military and also also also intelligence — which had been cut following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and also also also intervention in Syria.

inside coming months, the proposal called for Russia and also also also the US to collaborate on information security, Afghanistan, Iran, Ukraine, North Korea and also also also eventually a full face-to-face meeting between the top national security officials of the two nations.

Relations between the United States and also also also Russia have soured considerably since the opening of the Trump administration, when many expected Trump might bring the nations closer together as he said repeatedly was his goal during the campaign.

Russian military involvement in Ukraine and also also also Syria, as well as the US intelligence community’s conclusion which Russian President Vladimir Putin personally ordered an attempt to meddle inside 2016 US presidential election, has cast a shadow on the US side over the potential rapprochement.
The US under then-President Barack Obama increased sanctions on Russia following the country’s alleged election interference, and also also also moved to shutter some of the Kremlin’s facilities inside US.
Trump met with Putin face-to-face in a scheduled meeting at the G20 summit in July then spoke again during an unannounced conversation at a dinner for world leaders during the summit. Trump went on to propose a joint US-Russia cyber effort, then after sustained criticism of the proposal, Trump said he knew “which can’t” happen.
Russia responded in kind to the US’ sanctions after several months delay and also also also ordered large cuts inside US diplomatic staff in Russia. Around the same time, Trump signed a bill putting more sanctions on Russia and also also also restricting his ability to lift them.
He also thanked Putin for forcing the US to reduce its diplomatic staff in a comment the White House later described as sarcastic. Before Moscow’s deadline for the US to reduce its diplomatic staff in Russia, the US ordered the closure of three Russian facilities inside US.

CNN’s Laura Koran contributed to which report.

Source : Report: Russia proposed a full normalization with US under Trump