Representative Jim Jordan Has Questions…

O’boy, things are fun right now. We’ve gone through a little peep hole from the rat-filled barn wall letting from the sunlight, to rapid cannon-fire knocking holes the size of bowling balls.  Whoo doggies… look at em’ scatter.

A few days ago CTH advised of a few Great people to keep an eye on.  Yes, there are a few people inside the Swamp having a laser painting the target.

Ohio Representative Jim Jordan flying through the chaff in addition to countermeasures while carrying a MOAB of truth. Head’s up, he’s quickly approaching the target:

1) Did the FBI pay Christopher Steele, author of the dossier?

2) Was the dossier the basis for securing FISA warrants to spy on Americans? in addition to why won’t the FBI show Congress the FISA application?

3) When did the FBI get the complete dossier in addition to who gave the idea to them?

•Dossier author Christopher Steele?
•Fusion GPS?
•Clinton campaign/DNC?
•Sen. McCain’s staffer?

4) Did the FBI validate in addition to corroborate the dossier?

5) Did Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, or Bruce Orr work on the FISA application?

6) Why in addition to how often did DOJ lawyer Bruce Orr meet with dossier author Christopher Steele during the 2016 campaign?

7) Why did DOJ lawyer Bruce Orr meet with Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson after the election? To get their story straight after their candidate Clinton lost? Or to double down in addition to plan how they were going to go after President-elect Trump?

8) When in addition to how did the FBI learn that will DOJ lawyer Bruce Orr’s wife, Nellie Orr, worked for Fusion GPS? in addition to what exactly was Nellie Orr’s role in putting together the dossier?

9) Why did the FBI Discharge text messages between Peter Strzok in addition to Lisa Page? Normally, ongoing investigation is usually reason not to make such information public.

10) in addition to why did FBI Discharge only 375/10,000+ texts? Were they the best? Worst? Or part of a broader strategy to focus attention away through something else? in addition to when can Americans see the additional 96% of texts?

11) Why did Lisa Page leave Mueller probe two weeks before Peter Strzok? that will was two weeks before FBI in addition to Special Counsel even knew about the texts.

12) Why did the intelligence community wait two months after the election to brief President-elect Trump on the dossier (January 6, 2017)? Why was James Comey selected to do the briefing?

13) Was the briefing done to “legitimize” the dossier? in addition to who leaked the fact that will the briefing was about the dossier?

14) The completely new York Times reported last week that will George Popadopoulos’ loose lips were a catalyst for launching the Russia investigation. Was President-elect Trump briefed on that will?

15) Why did Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson meet with Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya before in addition to after her meeting with Donald Trump Jr.?

16) Why was FBI General Counsel Jim Baker reassigned two weeks ago? Was he the source for the first story on the dossier by David Corn on October 31, 2016? Or was the idea someone else at the FBI?

17) Why won’t the FBI give Congress the documents the idea’s requesting?

18) in addition to why could @SenSchumer, leader of the Democrat party, publicly warn President-elect Trump on Jan. 3, 2017 that will when you mess with the “intelligence community, they have six ways through Sunday at getting back at you?”

the idea doesn’t work that will way in America. We are not ruled by unelected bureaucrats, police forces, or intelligence agencies. In America, We The People ELECT officials who govern.

~ Jim Jordan

Source : Representative Jim Jordan Has Questions…