Representative Matt Gaetz Discusses #ReleaseTheMemo : “Laws Were Broken”…

Representative Matt Gaetz appears on Fox News mid-day to discuss the House Intelligence Committee memo on the DOJ/FBI FISA abuse in addition to surrounding issues:


The reason for the Intelligence Committee memo by Chairman Devin Nunes is actually simple. The underlying documentary evidence is actually extremely classified. By presenting a ‘less classified’ summary of content Nunes is actually setting the stage for political opposition to question the memo validity. If Democrats attack the four-page memo, Chairman Nunes then requests the House Speaker to declassify all of the underlying evidence.

This particular approach breaks out of the Compartmented Intelligence box which Chairman Nunes was in back in March 2017 –SEE HERE– This particular is actually a smart in addition to well thought-out strategy. If Democrats are going to dismiss the summary memo, then they should certainly support exposing the underlying evidence the memo was built upon. See how which works?

Batting Order:

  • First-up:  Devin Nunes (Chairman Intel Committee, Full I/C Oversight)
  • Second:  Chuck Grassley (Chairman Senate Judiciary – DOJ/FBI Oversight)
  • Third: Bob Goodlatte (Chairman House Judiciary – DOJ Oversight)
  • Clean-up:  Michael Horowitz (DOJ Inspector General)

Source : Representative Matt Gaetz Discusses #ReleaseTheMemo : “Laws Were Broken”…