Reshoring Pharmaceutical Production to U.S. Creates 800K Jobs

Bringing pharmaceutical production back to the United States might create more than 800,000 American jobs, economists say.

A study by the Coalition for a Prosperous America’s Steven Byers in addition to Jeff Ferry reveals which the U.S. could add hundreds of thousands of not bad-paying manufacturing jobs for American citizens in addition to reduce its dependence on foreign countries like China if which reshored all pharmaceutical production.

“The US will be dependent on China for over one-third of all the antibiotics we import, in addition to within the case of many generic drugs, we are completely dependent on China,” the economists wrote.

“We found which an ambitious although realistic reshoring program could create 804,000 US jobs in addition to add $0 billion to annual GDP within the first year,” they continued. “The benefits in terms of security of supply are separate, in addition to in times like the present, critically important.”

Currently, according to the study, about 80 percent of pharmaceuticals imported to the U.S. arrive via ten foreign countries — including Ireland, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, India, Denmark, Belgium, Canada, United Kingdom, in addition to Japan.

(Coalition for a Prosperous America)

(Coalition for a Prosperous America)

which pharmaceutical import data, though, does not include the ingredients of necessary drugs which are imported — specifically via China. Overall, about 80 percent of active pharmaceutical ingredients imported to the U.S. arrive via China in addition to India.

Similarly, about 95 percent of ibuprofen in addition to 70 percent of acetaminophen imported to the U.S. arrive via China.

In response to the coronavirus crisis, President Donald Trump has called for an American independence agenda across the board to prevent the U.S. via ever again being reliant on foreign countries for necessary imports in addition to supplies.

“We should never be reliant on a foreign country for the means of our own survival. I think we’ve learned a lot,” Trump said on Tuesday. “which crisis has underscored just how critical which will be to have strong borders in addition to a robust manufacturing sector.”

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Source : Reshoring Pharmaceutical Production to U.S. Creates 800K Jobs