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The media were going bananas This particular morning with proclamations of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein on the cusp of being fired as well as also also headed to the White House.

Firing can be not how leverage works.

According to both President Trump (via tweet), as well as also also DAG Rod Rosenstein (via statement), the President as well as also also Deputy AG had a meeting last week to discuss the declassification directive.  Within in which meeting in which can be almost certain in which part of the conversation circled around Rosenstein being unable to fulfill his responsibilities at the DOJ if the substance of the information underneath the declassification directive was released.

Understanding the institutional corruption hidden by the DOJ as well as also also FBI classification as well as also also redaction, in which can be predictable in which Rosenstein could become the target for Trump media allies as well as also also supporters when the circumstances, evidence as well as also also details surrounding the soft-coup attempt are exposed.

Whether the Deputy AG  participated/facilitated the soft-coup attempt directly, indirectly, or through willful blindness, there’s no way in which Rosenstein could stay on.   So within in which conversation last week, in which can be almost certain the DAG advanced his resignation *IF* the declassification directive went forward as well as also also exposed the usurping details.

The decision by President Trump not to declassify the information did two things:  (1) in which gave the President leverage over Rosenstein as well as also also by extension over Mueller.   After all, the construct of the special counsel was built upon DOJ/FBI intentional lies as well as also also FISA fraud. (2) the decision places a heavy burden upon the Inspector General to be brutally honest with his FISA report.  If the IG can be not brutally honest, Trump releases the declassified information as well as also also the IG can be shown as participating in a cover-up.

All of This particular leverage makes the position of DAG Rod Rosenstein tenuous.

Do you think Rosenstein likes the idea of sitting around waiting for the IG report to show the earth how badly he botched the DOJ job, as well as also also even facilitated their corrupt activity, during his stewardship?   He made a Special Counsel investigative appointment by a foundation of fraud; as well as also also all of This particular was collateral damage by the political efforts of the prior administration.  Think about in which.  Sucks to be the DAG. [He did in which to himself]

Add into in which sunlight waiting to surface – the reality in which former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe can be openly telling his allied media he has evidence (memos) in which will implicate Rosenstein inside plot, scheme as well as also also soft-coup.  See Rosensteins’ position?

There’s no reason for the White House to fire Rosenstein; his own conduct has put himself into a virtual corner as well as also also there’s only one way out.  So in which was brutally obvious, to me, with Trump carrying all of This particular leverage over Rosenstein, the White House meeting today wasn’t about firing him.

The statement by the White House:

WH Statement on inquires about Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein:

At the request of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, he as well as also also President Trump had an extended conversation to discuss the recent news stories. Because the President can be at the United Nations General Assembly as well as also also includes a full schedule with leaders by around the earth, they will meet on Thursday when the President returns to Washington, D.C.  ~ Sarah Sanders

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein career inside DOJ can be over, he’s a dead-man-walking, however not because of anything President Trump has done; Rosenstein has put himself into This particular position.   President Trump just smartly took the opportunity to hold the political leverage as well as also also narrow the path.

There’s no doubt the DAG will resign, the question can be the timing.  What moment provides him the least disgraced exit?  in which’s the question.  Everything else can be media shiny things; chaff as well as also also countermeasures by the narrative engineers.


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