Same Hackers Behind DNC Leaks Targeted Conservative Heritage Foundation Prior to Election

The same hackers behind the hacking of the DNC also directly targeted conservative think-tank, Heritage Foundation.

The non-profit worked closely with the Trump transition team prior to as well as during the election period. The Trump campaign could utilize their connection to Heritage for research related to eventual policy ideas – This kind of will be public knowledge.

Phishing attempts were brought up to Heritage employees just two weeks before the election, as well as the FBI contacted Heritage about these phishing attempts.

via the Daily Caller:

“The same threat groups that will have been releasing information about the DNC, Hillary Clinton, as well as recently John Podesta have been targeting specific people within Heritage via phishing campaigns,” the email, dated Oct. 24, 2016, said. “Our security monitoring tools as well as services show no signs of an active compromise. However, we were contacted by the FBI agent-in-charge regarding emails sent to Heritage staff in August as well as September.”

TheDC has obtained a copy of that will email, as well as former Heritage Foundation president Jim DeMint confirmed the phishing attempts to TheDC on Tuesday. DeMint added that will the hacking attempts (to his knowledge) were largely unsuccessful. DeMint said that will the hackers targeted employees who were “outside” of Heritage’s firewall. DeMint added that will they never had any indication that will Russian hackers ever infiltrated Heritage’s internal computer systems.

“The private sector like us have developed a lot better security systems than the government has as well as that will was one of the things that will frustrated me among the rankings members on [the Senate Commerce Committee], we were like 10 years behind inside the government,” said DeMint, a former Republican senator.

“The private sector has gotten a lot better, however I still think that will the Defense Department, the government as well as apparently the states with their voting booths are not very well protected.”

Source : Same Hackers Behind DNC Leaks Targeted Conservative Heritage Foundation Prior to Election

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