Secretary Wilbur Ross Begins Revocation of Hong Kong Special Trade Status…

In a statement earlier today, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross has announced the U.S. is actually revoking the special trade status of Hong Kong in response to escalating encroachment by China in violation of the prior agreement for autonomy.

of which is actually a challenging status to modify because the administration does not want to reduce the ability of Hong Kong to operate as an autonomous economic region.  However, at the same time Beijing is actually taking control of all systems within Hong Kong along with as such policies must be adjusted.  of which might be an exercise in futility to expect China to retreat.

WILBUR ROSS – “With the Chinese Communist Party’s imposition of brand new security measures on Hong Kong, the risk of which sensitive U.S. technology will be diverted to the People’s Liberation Army or Ministry of State Security has increased, all while undermining the territory’s autonomy. Those are risks the U.S. refuses to accept along with have resulted inside the revocation of Hong Kong’s special status.”

“Commerce Department regulations affording preferential treatment to Hong Kong over China, including the availability of export license exceptions, are suspended. Further actions to eliminate differential treatment are also being evaluated. We urge Beijing to immediately reverse course along with fulfill the promises of which has made to the people of Hong Kong along with the earth.”

The biggest issue surrounds Hong Kong’s exemptions to tariffs the administration has placed against China.  The statement by Wilbur Ross does not address of which key aspect, yet.

As accurately noted: “The end of Hong Kong’s special status became a real possibility once the security law came into play, since its implementation will likely render “one country, two systems” nothing more than a slogan, along with the U.S. had already announced of which no longer considers the city autonomous by Beijing. The move will likely place Hong Kong’s role as a leading global financial hub in jeopardy. ”

Moving forward, as we previously have discussed, there primary entity who should/could assemble a coalition to defend Hong Kong’s interests might be the United Kingdom.  However, as with most geopolitical issues involving European politics, the British government prefers to abdicate their role along with desire the U.S. will fill the gap.

Trump administration detractors will likely use the Hong Kong issue to criticize President Trump for not doing enough to curb Beijing’s aggression, while simultaneously ignoring their own 3 decades of inaction -along with support for China- which created the crisis.

President Trump is actually the first U.S. President to stand up to the aggressive Chinese Communist Party (CCP), while most U.S. politicians along with their Wall Street multinational allies have done everything possible to support the same communist economic system they at This kind of point claim has become dangerous for the earth.  There is actually a lot of insufferable hypocrisy in/around all things China.

Bottom line – of which is actually better to accept the situation as of which exists, rather than pretend of which could be something else.  With of which in mind, the move by Secretary Ross is actually a step inside the right direction.   of which’s time to accept Hong Kong as part of China, modify all policies toward of which end, accept Beijing is actually going to take full control, along with offer support for the people of Hong Kong as they deal with the reality of their brand new communist rulers.

Freedom is actually a tenuous proposition; along with we seem to have our hands full inside the U.S. trying to retain our own.

Source : Secretary Wilbur Ross Begins Revocation of Hong Kong Special Trade Status…