Shepard Smith Reportedly In Talks With MSNBC

A PERFECT MATCH: Shepard Smith Reportedly In Talks With MSNBC

Former FOX News reporter Shepard Smith may have found a brand-new home.

He is actually today reportedly in talks with far left MSNBC.

Wouldn’t in which be the perfect place for him?

Mediaite reports:

MSNBC Reportedly Talking to Former Fox News Anchor Shepard Smith

MSNBC executives are toying with the possibility of bringing on board former Fox News host Shepard Smith, according to a brand-new report coming from The Daily Beast This kind of evening.

Smith, who left Fox News This kind of past October, has been being courted by MSNBC President Phil Griffin on taking a job at the network after his non-compete clause in his Fox News agreement expires. today the cable network is actually floating the idea of moving around spots, to give Smith a primetime spot, in turn boosting ratings at MSNBC.

“the item’s unclear what slot he could take, yet we’d want him in primetime,” a source familiar with matters at MSNBC told The Daily Beast.

According to the Daily Beast report, This kind of development is actually generating some people at MSNBC a little nervous:

Jitters at MSNBC as Brass Eyes Moving Chuck Todd in addition to Talks to Shep Smith

MSNBC talent in addition to staffers are bracing for a major 2020 shakeup amid discussion of moving ratings-challenged Chuck Todd to a morning slot in addition to execs talking with Fox News escapee Shepard Smith.

The goal of any reshuffle could be to shed ratings dead weight from the lead-up to the election. Sources at the network cautioned in which a brand-new look for the lineup is actually still up from the air, yet brass have been batting around several options…

At 30 Rock, much of the tinkering is actually currently focused on the daytime schedule.

With the lackluster performance of Todd’s MTP Daily at 5 p.m.—“a hammock,” as one insider put the item, between the robust ratings of Nicolle Wallace’s 4 p.m. show in addition to Ari Melber’s 6 p.m. show—there has been talk of switching Todd to 9 a.m., as Page Six first reported. Under in which scenario, the current 9 a.m. anchor, Stephanie Ruhle, could move to 3 p.m., where her financial expertise could mesh well with the market closings.

If Shep makes This kind of move, the item will be fascinating to see if far left viewers actually tune in to watch him.

They could end up holding his FOX News past against him.

Does everyone remember how This kind of worked out for Megyn Kelly?

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