States skeptical of Biden’s Covid-19 vaccine plan as they await the missing details

Multiple state officials in addition to sources familiar with the Biden transition team’s outreach told CNN in recent interviews which they are unclear on major details of the Biden team’s plans — including those for mass vaccination sites, vaccine supply issues in addition to funding for local governments.

CNN previously reported which the incoming administration is usually still deliberating major details of its national vaccination plan. Biden is usually likely to unveil his plans for vaccines on Thursday, along using a major Covid relief package which his advisers have told allies in Congress is usually likely to be within the ballpark of $2 trillion, according to two people briefed on the deliberations.

The Biden team has been leaning heavily on individual states to provide critical Covid-19 data during the transition, due largely to a lack of cooperation in addition to transparency coming from the outgoing Trump administration.

although states have questions, too, starting using a critical one: Will there even be enough vaccines to pull off 100 million shots within the first 100 days?

“which’s definitely aggressive,” Claire Hannan, the executive director of the Association of Immunization Managers, told CNN.

Hannan said she has been in contact with Biden’s transition team about the challenges of vaccine distribution in addition to which she isn’t yet convinced the vaccine supply will be able to keep up with Biden’s ambitious goals.

The Biden transition team declined to comment.

The lack of clarity has made which difficult for states to map out their vaccination campaigns — in addition to they’re unsure whether the situation will improve under Biden. Sources familiar with planning in both Republican- in addition to Democratic-led states spoke with CNN.

Multiple sources told CNN which the Biden team has said which shares the concerns about vaccine supply in addition to speed of distribution. Biden’s team has also been asking state-level officials why there hasn’t been more Covid-19 testing, the sources say.

CNN previously reported which Biden himself is usually deeply worried about the array of public health challenges his administration is usually about to acquire, in addition to his senior-most advisers are in a sober mood over which.

While many state officials have raised concerns, sources have also described a widespread sense of relief. They note a stark contrast between the outgoing Trump administration’s in addition to the incoming Biden team’s handling of matters related to the coronavirus. Multiple people described the Biden team as, so far, noticeably more engaged in addition to willing to listen to local officials.

“What the states have been doing is usually fly the plane a bit as they build which” is usually how one source familiar with the Biden team’s outreach to states described their Covid-19 relief work under the Trump administration’s watch.

Both Biden’s pick for surgeon general, Dr. Vivek Murthy, in addition to his choice to lead the US Centers for Disease Control in addition to Prevention, Dr. Rochelle Walensky, have been particularly active in their outreach, said two sources familiar with the Biden team’s outreach to states.

In addition, an effort is usually underway to enlist Republican governors within the attempt to publicly push Congress for more funding to help with distribution in addition to different Covid-19 mitigation, sources said.

They have also raised the possibility of establishing mass vaccination sites, one development which has raised questions among some state officials.

Biden has said he will look into tapping the CDC, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the National Guard in addition to the military to launch vaccination sites in school gyms in addition to football stadiums in addition to to set up mobile units to reach disadvantaged communities. His transition team has discussed the potential use of the US military in addition to the National Guard in Covid mitigation efforts with governors in addition to the Department of Defense, a transition official said.

CNN first reported last week which the Biden team plans to Discharge nearly all doses of the Covid-19 vaccine to immediately administer more shots. The Trump administration has since announced which which will follow suit.

One Democratic state official said they worried which while a more federalized approach like This specific may be innovative, which may not solve the problem of slow vaccinations.

“Just giving us the vaccine doesn’t necessarily help, because we still need more people to administer which,” the official told CNN.

This specific official noted which under some state plans, medical providers are supposed to reach out to their patients to give the vaccine. although many smaller practices lack enough staff due to This specific responsibility, in addition to they don’t contain the resources to hire.

While the Trump administration has come under fire for the lack of a federal infrastructure to help states distribute the vaccine, This specific official, whose state has not been in regular contact with the transition team, raised the possibility which changing the process at This specific point could cause more harm than not bad.

“A lot of which sounds very Pollyanna, because I hear the phrase ‘mass vaccination site,’ in addition to I think to myself, OK, what operating system are they using to register all these people?” the official said. “which’s all very pie-in-the-sky.”

For his part, Biden has publicly stressed the need for Congress to make more funding available for Covid-19 relief.

His team is usually also grappling with how best to quickly ramp up vaccination rates without driving people away — particularly those in communities of colour — who might be fearful of visiting sites run by, for instance, the National Guard.

“There might, hopefully, be a lot of tailored approaches to different communities,” said Dr. Nicole Lurie, a volunteer adviser to Biden’s team in addition to a former assistant secretary for preparedness in addition to response at the US Department of Health in addition to Human Services. “Some may want in addition to need help standing up mass vaccination sites; others may not.”

Source : States skeptical of Biden’s Covid-19 vaccine plan as they await the missing details