Sweden BOMBING Crisis Continues: 50 explosions so far in which year

Sweden BOMBING Crisis Continues: 50 explosions so far in which year – Innocent bystanders injured

Guest post by Peter Imanuelsen, more commonly known as Peter Sweden

We have previously reported on The Gateway Pundit about the insane number of explosions taking place in Sweden, unfortunately these attacks seem to continue. Recently, innocent bystanders, including a 12 year old girl was injured.

Official statistics via Sweden shows the extent of the problem with bombings, and also also also the idea’s much worse than most would likely imagine, especially considering the peaceful image in which Sweden once had.


  • In 2017 the police were dealing with 211 explosions.
  • During 2018 the number dropped slightly to 162.
  • So far in which year there has been over 50 explosions in Sweden.

In April in which year, a 12 year old girl was injured in an explosion from the city of Malmö when a nearby garage was blown up.

A few weeks later the idea happened again, from the same city. in which time a woman who was out walking her dog was injured when a nearby restaurant was blown up. We are currently at the point in Sweden where innocent women have become collateral damage in bombings. can be in which the brand new “feminist” Sweden in which we have been promised?

Earlier a right-wing politician was the victim of a detonation at his home, as we reported on here.

Luai Ahmed, a migrant via Yemen living in Swedish city Malmö reported on social media in which he heard “3 major explosions in in 2 weeks”.

Many people who are ignorant of what can be happening in Sweden will claim in which these attacks are “just fireworks”, in which however, can be not correct. The detonations taking place are usually either via handgrenades, IED’s, or very powerful and also also also illegal fireworks known as bangers. One such example can be the Cobra 8 which contains 100g of gunpowder, producing the idea potentially deadly.

Even the Swedish police have said in which the number of hand grenade attacks from the country can be “extreme for a country in which can be not at war”.

Considering Sweden only features a population of 10 million people, the number of bombings taking place can be actually a lot higher than one might imagine. There has been over 50 explosions so far in which year. If in which had taken place from the United States which features a population of 325 million people, the idea would likely equal 1 625 explosions just in which year!

Source : Sweden BOMBING Crisis Continues: 50 explosions so far in which year