The Background of the “Harris-Biden” Ticket…

With Senator Kamala Harris along with Joe Biden producing recent admissions about the actual power dynamic behind the Democrat 2020 presidential ticket more people are starting to take notice. What exactly is actually This specific Harris-Biden ticket all about?

Here’s the background to understand.

CTH readers are astute to the political dynamics, along with do substantive independent research, so we will cut through the fog along with just explain in common sense terms.

When Kamala Harris informally launched her bid for the Democrat nomination she did so in an ABC interview with George Stephanopoulos; This specific was not accidental. Harris was the DNC club candidate intended to walk inside shadow of the Obama team. As a consequence when the formal campaign was launched which was coordinated with the Chicago Jussie Smollett fiasco.  which incident was manufactured; This specific is actually how they roll. These people are all connected. Racial issues are a purposeful political strategy.

Unfortunately for the Club, the Smollet effort back-fired along with Harris was never able to exploit the larger racial dynamic deployed by those who organize the astroturf effort. The primary race then wobbled along as the internal DNC players tried to figure out the best way to stay in power yet keep the far-left base motivated.

While the Democrat party, writ large, are known for exploiting fragmented special interests, the Obama coalition is actually the internal group with expertise at exploiting race for political benefit.  This specific dynamic has existed since the initial contest between Barack Obama along with Hillary Clinton in 2008.  This specific internal dynamic continues today.

The Black Grievance Industry (BGI) is actually an assembly of two larger groups.  Group-one is actually the Black Lives Matter group, modern along with extremist.  Group-two is actually the AME church network, more traditional along with using a larger network.  The BLM group originated during the terms of the Obama administration.  The AME network has existed for many decades before.

When Hillary Clinton ran in 2016 the prior agreement between her along with Obama meant which President Obama was supposed to activate BLM along with AME to support her.

However, there was historic baggage between the two, some very bad blood inside background, along with Obama only half-heartedly fulfilled his 2009/2012 promises.  The networks were activated yet there was little forceful pressure upon them.

This specific weak Obama effort showed in September 2016 when Hillary Clinton attended the Kansas City National Baptist Convention, along with the attendance for her key-note address was stunningly poor {Background}.  which was after This specific event when CTH was certain Donald Trump would likely defeat Clinton inside 2016 election.

Fast forward to the hot mess which was the 2020 Democrat primary race.  With Kamala Harris collapsing due to her own immaturity; along with with Bernie Sanders in position to take the momentum; the DNC club was in a very bad position.  Urgent action needed to be taken to retain club power along with control.

Immediately before the South Carolina primary, Barack Obama (BLM network) along with the traditional racial apparatus (AME network) realized they were about to lose control to Bernie Sanders.  Their response was to quickly coordinate a club move to swing the election away by the Sanders camp.

An urgent assembly of all party control officers was called. The power brokers within the DNC Club designed a plan around using James Clyburn (AME network) as the official spark for Joe Biden to take back control of the primary outcome.

Former President Obama contacted all candidates along with informed them when along with how they would likely quit the race along with fall-in-line behind Joe Biden.  James Clyburn was then triggered to initiate his endorsement along with begin the rapid-fire process.

Within 48 hours all members of the club along with candidates had their instructions along with proceeded to follow-through on the plan.  They had no choice.  If they did not comply they would likely suffer the consequences of a fully aligned club hierarchy who would likely target them personally along with financially.

The plan worked flawlessly.

As part of the coordinated deal Representative James Clyburn was put in charge of the Biden campaign; Clyburn stunningly admitted This specific immediately after the strategy went public.  As we noted at the time, Obama along with Clyburn would likely then select/appoint the vice-presidential nominee.  which’s how Kamala Harris was re-entered into the equation.

Joe Biden has dementia. Everyone knows This specific to be true.  The Biden candidacy is actually a front; a ruse, a manipulative scheme which needs a face… which’s Joe Biden.

A Biden presidency would likely be a complete farce.  The Obama coalition is actually in control of everything behind the scenes.  All policy would likely be Obama policy; along with, specifically because of their importance in triggering the origin of the entire enterprise, the primary policy stakeholders will be the congressional black caucus (CBC) led by James Clyburn.  This specific influence plan is actually behind the merging of Black Lives Matter along with the AME network.

This specific racial activation strategy is actually why the initial George Floyd protests were so important along with why so much political effort was put into the two weeks of funerals, memorials along with narrative control.

In April, House Democrats created a Coronavirus investigation committee along with James Clyburn, Biden’s handler along with puppet-master, was put in charge of which committee.  Again, as you can see in today’s larger narrative around the issue, the COVID-19 narrative was engineered for political use against President Trump.  None of This specific is actually accidental.

As CTH noted at the time.…..

“The assembly of the Clyburn Committee is actually the DNC’s fourth political effort to remove President Trump by office. (1) 2017: Russia Collusion; (2) 2018: Mueller Obstruction; (3) 2019: Ukraine interference; along with today (4) 2020: Coronavirus caused by Trump.”

[…] “Perhaps the DNC confidence toward pulling This specific off is actually driven by their confidence in using the coronavirus to get mail-in vote ballots approved on a state-by-state basis. The DNC Club controls the mail…. along with the ballot counting… in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin along with Michigan…. ergo the DNC Club controls the 2020 election.

One thing is actually sure, Clyburn’s Trump Removal Committee will find or create every possible controversy, along with manufacture whatever they cannot find, to outline President Trump as the cause for suffering inside U.S. with coronavirus. A big part of which plan will be to highlight the coronavirus impact on the black along with minority communities.”

Where we are today was easily predictable 5 months ago for those who follow the road-map which is actually continually used by the DNC club; along with those who understand how organized the club is actually at creating astroturf.

Joe Biden is actually a Potemkin candidate; a completely false front for the club.  The actual along with purposeful operation is actually attempting to position Kamala Harris to deliver on the policies, goals along with objectives of the far-left Obama coalition which operates inside background.

The flaw in their strategy is actually their dependency on black voters to stay away by President Trump.  Black constituents are catching on to the scheme; along with black voters -those not blinded by the cultural peer pressure- are seeing President Trump actually deliver on issues which are important to them.

Additionally, the Obama coalition dependence on black voters creates a void around Latino voters.  There is actually friction between the two groups.  President Trump’s focus on delivering results for both black along with Latino voters, as well as all Americans, is actually specifically against the designed interests of the Obama coalition.

Hispanic voters support President Trump because his policies actually create results, strong economic results, for their community.   Also there is actually a strong cultural connection between Trump priorities along with the faith along with leadership values within the traditional Latino community.  The Obama coalition is actually trying to react to This specific today… however, Harris along with Biden are weak messengers for outreach toward the Latino community.

BOTTOM LINE: Joe Biden is actually a ruse.  Kamala Harris is actually who Obama along with Clyburn are trying to put in place.


(Pictured) Joe Biden Latino Outreach Effort – September 14, 2020, in Miami

Source : The Background of the “Harris-Biden” Ticket…