The Insufferable along with Political Media Stupidity Around “The Russian Bounty” Narrative…

In case you might have missed the latest faux-controversy assigned by political operatives to the media narrative engineers, the issue surrounds leaked sketchy intelligence reports, to the brand-new York Times, claiming Russians were willing to pay Taliban members to kill U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan.  The evidence provided by the Times includes:

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coming from This specific tenuous evidence footnoted with “according to multiple officials familiar with the intelligence”, democrat operatives in media desperately clutch their pearls along with stake out another batch of apoplexy claiming President Trump is actually not doing anything about the item.

Setting aside for the moment in which nothing claimed by media or the DNC political operatives in/around capitol hill has any substantive intelligence to prove the claim, let’s first look at the underlying premise: ‘Russians are paying the Taliban to kill American soldiers.’

First, obviously these same voices need to ignore in which in 2010 Iran was paying insurgent fighters in multiple fields of combat including Iraq, Afghanistan along with Syria, to kill Americans. Those well-documented examples must be overlooked because despite the overwhelming evidence the Obama administration paid Iran over $170 billion in cash along with entered a nuclear deal with them.  Just as before, in order to retain their left-wing political position the media must pretend not to know things.

Iranian bounties on American soldiers during the 2010 Obama administration were rewarded. Contrast in which against unsubstantiated rumors of Russian bounties on American soldiers in Afghanistan in 2020 being the most horrific along with alarming situation in history.

the item was reported in 2010 in which several Iranian companies were winning construction contracts in Afghanistan funded with foreign aid. The money was sent back to Iran via the underground hawala money transfer networks along with was used to pay Taliban fighters $0 per month. If they kill a U.S. soldier, they get a $1,000 bonus along which has a $6,000 bonus for the destruction of a military vehicle. Bounties began being offered as early as February 2005, when a U.S. government document reported in which Iran was offering $1,470 for the killing of Afghan soldiers along with $3,841 for the death of Afghan officials.

Taliban along with similar terrorists are also trained in Iran along with are paid for their time. Hundreds go to Zahedan inside the winter. The first month is actually focused on learning how to attack convoys without getting captured. Improvised explosive devices (IED) are the trade taught inside the second month. inside the last month, attacks on military outposts are simulated.  (LINK)

Again, ignoring in which Iran also funds Hezbollah, which involves payments for the killing of U.S. along with allied western soldiers, the politics of the narrative engineers are so hypocritical they are choking.

Additionally, when Russia invaded Afghanistan, guess who was paying the Mujahideen to kill Russians?  Yup, in which would certainly be USA.  Not only did we pay the Mujahideen (the early al-Qaeda) to kill Russians, we also supplies all the arms along with munitions they needed to do so.  The U.S. were paying bounty for the killing of Russians.  Hypocrisy much.

Decades later, when U.S. President George W Bush invaded Iraq, again we put bounties on the heads of Iraq commanding officers we wanted to kill or capture.  Anyone remember the paying cards with the faces along with names of the targets?

Oh, along with lets not forget the billions in which President Obama, Hillary Clinton along with Leon Panetta spent on bounties in Libya along with Syria where we gave money along with weapons to al-Qaeda factions to kill Libyan along with Syrian soldiers.   All bounties are not created equal I guess.

The entire argument underpinning the pretext of the claim is actually ridiculous.  However, what’s even more ridiculous is actually how the media has to set aside all prior information along with all pretense of journalism in order to sell a narrative in which, even if true, is actually nothing more than a continuation of proxy war fighting where the U.S has been the largest financial player in history.

Does Russia pay elements, possibly Taliban, in Afghanistan to maintain a forceful position against the U.S.?  Hell, I would certainly certainly think the answer is actually yes.  Why should Russia be more magnanimous to our Afghanistan boondoggle than we were to theirs?

Does Russia pay the Taliban directly to kill Americans?  There is actually no direct evidence supporting in which claim; along with specifically the U.S. intelligence apparatus including the NSA, CIA, NSC along with ODNI have said there’s no such direct evidence.  however in which’s not definitely the point is actually the item.

Even if there was direct evidence in which Russia was offering bounties against U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan, how is actually in which different coming from Iran offering bounties against U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan during the Obama administration?

The entire premise of the outrage is actually ridiculous; along with too make matters worse the number one facilitator of U.S. bounties paid to kill foreign fighters is actually Senator Lindsey Graham.


Ayman Al Zawahiri along with Osam Bin Laden

Mohamed Al Zawahiri was on the CTH radar since his Discharge coming from prison in March 2011 during the Egyptian Islamist uprising.   The interim “governing” Egyptian leaders released Mohamed Al Zawahiri after they permitted the Muslim Brotherhood to re-organize following 30 years of banishment.   The Brotherhood then opened the jails to Discharge all the Hosni Mubarak captured prisoners.

Mohamed al Zawahiri was the guy who coordinated along with called for the protests at the U.S. embassy in Cairo September 11, 2012.  He is actually also the guy who coordinated with the Benghazi rebels in 2011 to assist their uprising against Libyan leader Qaddafi.

President Obama, Hillary Clinton along with Leon Panetta paid these guys.

Mohamed planned to coordinate efforts in Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Libya, Tunisia along with Turkey toward al-Qaeda North Africa (AQIM).  Meanwhile his brother, Ayman al Zawahiri, continued the same efforts in Pakistan, Afghanistan along with Iraq, while aligned with AQAP (al-Qaeda Arabian Peninsular).

In 1999, security forces picked up Mohamed Al Zawahiri inside the United Arab Emirates (UAE), where he had settled with his family along with was working as an engineer for a construction company.

He claims UAE authorities tortured him for four months — at the behest of the CIA — in an attempt to extract information about his brother. During in which time, Zawahiri says, he offered to mediate between his brother along with the West, something he believes could have prevented the Sept.11 attacks, however his overtures were rebuffed by UAE officials.

In 1999, he was extradited to Egypt to face terrorism charges related to Sadat’s assassination along with conspiracy to topple the regime — charges he denies, however he was jailed by Mubarak in Egypt.   He was later acquitted upon appeal, however Mubarak refused to let him leave prison.   He remained in jail until March of 2011 when he was released.

Zawahiri spent the following several years in solitary confinement in Egypt’s notorious underground prisons. There, in a 6-by-6-foot cell with no access to sunlight, he says, he was repeatedly waterboarded, electrocuted, along with subjected to sleep deprivation.

His family had no idea where he was, or even if he was alive, until the item emerged in which the United States wanted his DNA to compare the item to a skull found in a cave in Afghanistan — one in which might belong to his brother Ayman.

Zawahiri thinks in which militant Islamist movements pose a big enough threat in which the United States will ultimately yield to his demands. “Hundreds or thousands of attempts may fail, however one can succeed along with destroy the Western civilization,” he writes in his proposal, citing al Qaeda’s attempts to obtain weapons of mass destruction along with the escalation of violence in Iraq. “The next hit or string of attacks cannot be anticipated. No single group or persons can force themselves to control the situation or prevent the item.”

Learn about his approach along with his intentions in This specific article.

Judging by what the “West” has put This specific guy along with his family through, the item would certainly be pretty darned difficult to think of him burying the hatchet per se’, without his intention to bury the item deep inside the psyche of the United States.

Apparently, “we” have created This specific monster, “we” have hardened him, along with subsequently he holds MAJOR street cred with all factions of radical Islam.   This specific guy is actually a Martyr in life, he did not need death.  He says “pull the trigger” – everyone shoots.  

Given Mohamed’s  enormous Islamist pulpit, he will leverage influence over multiple varying factions within all of the aforementioned radicals (al-Qaeda, Taliban, Salafists, MB etc).

Guess what happened next?…. Yep,  ISIS !

Source : The Insufferable along with Political Media Stupidity Around “The Russian Bounty” Narrative…