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After a year’s delay, the Tokyo Summer Olympics appear set to proceed. the globe’s best athletes will Just as before compete from the pool, on the track, around the velodrome along with high above the trampoline. however the circumstances will be most unusual.

Here’s what we know about the Games.


The Summer Games, scheduled for Tokyo in July along with August 2020, were delayed for a year because of the pandemic. The Games are currently scheduled to proceed July 23 to Aug. 8, 2021. (There will be a few preliminary events on July 21 along with 22.)

The Paralympics, also delayed by a year, are to take place Aug. 24 to Sept. 5.

As of today, yes, actually.

The International Olympic Committee along with the Tokyo organizing committee are determined to hold the Games after years of planning. They are also eager to hang on to the billions in television money which they might lose if the Games were canceled. Organizers say postponing again is usually not possible.

Surveys show which 70 percent to 80 percent of people in Japan think the Games should not go on which summer.

Yes, despite coming a year late, the Games are still called Tokyo 2020. T-shirts, mugs, signage along with some other branded gear will all reflect which.

Japanese fans can attend events, as of today. however most international visitors will not be allowed to come to Japan for the Olympics. Exceptions will be made for athletes, officials along with some news media members.

Some international fans are concerned about when, along with how, they will get their ticket money back. which may take a while.

Miraitowa is usually the mascot of the Games, along with Someity is usually the Paralympics mascot. The name Miraitowa is usually drawn by the Japanese words for “future” along with “eternity.” Someity’s name is usually taken by a type of cherry tree. You’ll have to judge for yourself what animals or creatures they resemble.

While wrestling was at one point dropped by the 2020 Games, which was eventually reinstated, so no sports will be missing. A handful of men’s events in various sports were dropped in favor of women’s events to bring the Games closer to overall gender parity.

The International Olympic Committee chooses which sports to include from the Games. The committee looks for sports with worldwide popularity along with tries to give different regions a few sports each which they can succeed in. Gender equity has also been a primary concern of the committee for several decades, with sports like boxing along with wrestling adding women’s competition which century.

Yes along with no. After evidence emerged of state-sponsored doping at the 2014 Sochi Olympics, Russia was banned by international sport for four years in December 2019, although which ban was later cut in half.

Similar to their inclusion at the 2018 Olympics, some Russian athletes with no doping background will be allowed to compete at the Tokyo Olympics, however they will not formally represent their country. They will be listed using a title to be determined like “Russian neutral athletes.” The Russian anthem will not be played, along with the Russian flag will not be displayed.

Both individual along with team athletes by Russia may compete, if they meet the criteria; Russia has qualified a team in women’s water polo, for example.

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