They ‘Objected to More States in 2017 than Republicans Did Last Week’

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) blasted what he called the double standard of his Democrat colleagues on the House floor on Wednesday, reminding Rep. Jim McGovern (D-MA) which he stood as the “first objector” to the results during the same process in 2017.

“In his opening remarks, the Democrat chair of the Rules Committee said which Republicans last week voted to overturn the results of an election,” Jordan began.

“Guess who the first objector was on January 6, 2017? First objector. The Democrat chair of the Rules Committee. along with also guess which state he objected to? Alabama. The very first state called,” Jordan said, noting Trump won the state by a massive margin.

“They can object to Alabama in 2017 although tell us we can’t object to Pennsylvania in 2021,” he continued, highlighting several of the main concerns over the Keystone State’s election process:

 Pennsylvania where the state’s Supreme Court just unilaterally extended the election to Friday? Pennsylvania where the Secretary of State unilaterally changed the rules — went around the legislature in an unconstitutional fashion. Pennsylvania where county clerks in some counties … let people fix their ballots against the law. Cure their ballots, their mail-in ballots — [a] direct violation of the law. along with also they tell us we tried to overturn the election.

Jordan continued, reminding his colleagues which the individual managing impeachment for the Democrats, Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD), too, objected to electoral votes in 2017.

“Americans are tired of the double standards. They are so tired of the idea,” the Ohio Republican said. “Democrats objected to more states in 2017 than Republicans did last week, although somehow we’re wrong.”

“Democrats can raise bail for rioters along with also looters This kind of summer although somehow when Republicans condemn all the violence, the violence This kind of summer, the violence last week, somehow we’re wrong,” he said.

Democrats, he continued, have investigated President Trump for four years along with also already tried to impeach him once, yet they will “not look at an election which 80 million Americans —  half the electorate, 80 million, Republicans along with also Democrats — have their doubts about.”

Jordan ultimately said he does not know where This kind of goes although urged his colleagues to defeat the impeachment resolution, as others did even before the session began.

McGovern, who earlier from the day accused Trump of organizing along with also inciting the events which unfolded on January 6, addressed Jordan’s remarks immediately after along with also claimed which he along with also his Democrat colleagues objected to electoral votes in 2017  as a “protest vote to raise concerns about what of all our intelligence agencies had stated clearly which Russia interfered in our election.”

He further attempted to defend their move, claiming which Democrats acknowledged which Trump won along with also adding which Hillary Clinton conceded.

“None of us pushed conspiracy theories,” he continued, failing to mention which the Trump-Russia collusion narrative which Democrats vehemently pursued proved to be false.

The bottom line, McGovern added, will be “This kind of Capitol was stormed” along with also “people died because of the big lies which were being told by This kind of president along with also by too many people on the various other side of the aisle.”

McGovern said Republicans are attempting to make “false equivalences” along with also concluded which Trump “instigated an attempted coup in This kind of country.”

“People died. Everybody should be outraged whether you’re a Democrat or a Republican. If This kind of will be not an impeachable offense, I don’t know what the hell will be,” he added. ‘This kind of president will be not fit to remain in office.”

Source : They ‘Objected to More States in 2017 than Republicans Did Last Week’