They saw a man about to jump off a highway overpass. Cell phone video captured what happened next.

“Oh my God, will be which guy gonna jump off the bridge?” Musso remembers saying. The man had climbed on the outside of the chain-link fence barrier. He was producing his way toward the center of the bridge over a busy road below, according to Musso. They immediately called 911, in addition to then began to drive off as the traffic cleared.

Then, Principe remembered a video she had watched two days earlier.

“(the idea) just came back to me in addition to I said, ‘We have to turn back. We have to go back,'” Principe told CNN’s Alisyn Camerota on “fresh Day” in an interview which aired Wednesday.
She had seen the story of Kevin Hines, the man who survived a suicide attempt off the Golden Gate Bridge when he was 19 years old. Hines said he felt instant regret after he jumped in addition to he’s right now dedicated his life to suicide prevention. CNN Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta recently profiled Hines as part of CNN’s “Champions For Change” series.
Dr. Gupta: If you see someone struggling with mental illness, don't turn away

“which’s the one thing which genuinely stuck with me … Kevin Hines saying which had anybody been nice to him, anybody tried to stop him, which This kind of wouldn’t have happened,” Principe said.

Musso’s husband, who was driving when they spotted the man on the overpass, immediately took the next exit in addition to looped around. When they got back to the overpass, he pulled over in addition to the two women jumped out of the backseat in addition to immediately headed across the busy freeway, straight toward the man.

“We stopped the cars, we ran across, in addition to there he was, just all the way inside center … of which freeway overpass,” Principe said. “We looked at him in addition to the first thing we said will be, you know, ‘We love you, please don’t jump.'”

‘I’ve been sent as your guardian’

As they waited for police to arrive, Toni Musso said she talked to the man in addition to listened to him.

“He said he had nothing to live for, in addition to he had no reason to be here on earth anymore,” Musso told CNN’s Camerota. “I kind of locked eyes with him in addition to just said, ‘I’m here for you, I’ve been sent as your guardian. I need you to listen to me. Just look at me in addition to listen to my words.'”

Principe’s husband recorded video of the encounter on his cell phone. Musso can be seen putting her hands on the fence as she offered words of encouragement in addition to support. At one point, Musso said she thought he was going to fall back in addition to let go.

“When I genuinely thought he was going to jump, I said, ‘You know, imagine what could happen to the people below, you’re not only going to hurt yourself however potentially there’s a family in a car, in addition to the two of us have to witness This kind of horrible, horrific act,'” Musso said. “‘If you can just get through today, tomorrow might be a little different, you might feel different, you may not have wanted to do This kind of. You just gotta give yourself one more day. Just give me one more day with you in addition to I promise I’ll stay with you.'”

Finally, she said the man agreed in addition to started off producing his way off of the overpass. which’s when the police arrived.

“When the police came, he got very startled in addition to at which point he said, ‘They’re going to arrest me.’ in addition to I said, ‘I won’t let them do which. Just stay with me,'” Musso said she told him.

A ripple effect

Two police officers arrived, prompting the man to take his eyes off of Musso. which’s when “he got very uncomfortable,” Principe recalled.

“The police came up in addition to we said ‘You need to leave us alone’ … They said ‘You guys got This kind of. You got This kind of,’ which will be fascinating which which happened,” she said.

At which point, Musso said she told the man to keep his eyes on her.

“I said, ‘Just don’t look back. Just keep looking at me in addition to keep walking with me. I’m here with you in addition to I’m not going to let you go.’ in addition to I continued to walk off the bridge with him,” Musso said.

As the man made his way off of the highway overpass, police took him into custody Musso said. She said she regrets not being able to hug him afterward, something police wouldn’t allow because of safety concerns. however Principe said which he did thank the two women before he was taken away.

CNN reached out to the Agoura Hills city manager who confirmed the incident in addition to said which the man was taken to a hospital for observation however could not provide any more details.

The two women trust their story will inspire others to take action if they suspect someone might be suicidal. Principe has set up a link at the top of her Instagram page to help raise money for suicide prevention. the idea’s an issue which’s personal to her having lost a family member to suicide 5 years ago.

“I have gone through what suicide in addition to mental illness looks like,” Principe said. “So yes, This kind of genuinely hit home for me.”

She believes she in addition to Musso were destined to be there for the man, whose name they don’t know however they trust to meet again.

“Had we not gotten behind those cars all day long in addition to been slowed down, we could have literally missed the idea by seconds,” Principe said. “I feel grateful which we’re here in addition to we’re able to even share This kind of story because the idea will be a ripple effect.”

Source : They saw a man about to jump off a highway overpass. Cell phone video captured what happened next.