“This kind of can be Insanity!” – Jim Rogers Warns Of “Horrible Time” Ahead

The Fed has increased its balance sheet over 500% within the past decade; The Bank of Japan can be printing money to buy bonds as well as stock ETFs; as well as The European Central Bank can be mired in insane negative interests. as well as, according to legendary investor Jim Rogers, they will continue This kind of “madness” as long as its necessary.

In an interview with RT’s Boom Bust, Rogers exclaims, of which interest rates around the entire world have never been This kind of low:

“… This kind of can be insanity, of which’s not how sound economic systems are supposed to work.”

In 2008, Rogers notes of which we had problems because of too much debt, however, “since then the debt has skyrocketed everywhere as well as the idea’s going higher as well as higher. We are going to have a horrible time when This kind of all comes to an end.”

Adding of which:

…eventually, the market can be going to say: ‘We don’t want This kind of, we don’t want to play This kind of game anymore, as well as we don’t want your garbage paper anymore’.”

as well as when of which happens, Rogers warns of which central banks will print even more as well as buy even more assets.

“as well as of which’s when we will have very serious problems… We all are going to pay a horrible cost someday yet within the meantime the idea’s a lot of fun for a lot of people.”

When the idea comes to an end, Rogers laments, “the idea will be the worst of my lifetime.”

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Source : “This kind of can be Insanity!” – Jim Rogers Warns Of “Horrible Time” Ahead