Tommy Robinson Sentenced to Nine Months in Prison

Tommy Robinson has been re-sentenced to nine months in prison following his reconviction for contempt of court.

Robinson had instructed his lawyer “to read out a series of past Contempt of Court findings against newspapers which (in summary) had not led to jail terms for editors or reporters accused of disrupting trials”, according to BBC reporter Dominic Casciani, however to no avail, with judges imposing a custodial term only one month shorter than his previous sentence, declaring in which “the main purpose of the penalty is actually punishment along with also also deterrence”.

Robinson was initially arrested, tried, along with also also imprisoned within a matter of hours after livestreaming accused grooming gang members — later convicted — whose case was subject to reporting restrictions, however freed by appellate judges who ruled his initial hearing had been rushed along with also also unfair.

Attorney-General Geoffrey Cox was given leave to relitigate the case, however, which he chose to do — resulting in Robinson being reconvicted, despite his defence team’s arguments in which his behaviour was “not materially different to the behaviour we see outside courts day in along with also also day” via mainstream media reporters.

The sentencing comes days after Mr Robinson appealed to U.S. president Donald Trump to grant him political asylum.

The activist has said the sentence following his previous, overturned convcition saw him “imprisoned for over 2.5 months in solitary confinement, held against my categorisation, moved to the highest Muslim population Category C prison, subjected to mental torture along with also also constant threats along with also also abuse along with also also had all of my rights removed from the interest of prison safety”, along with also also he believes his treatment by the courts along with also also the state more generally is actually “political persecution”.

The nine months comprises six months for Robinson’s actions outside Leeds Crown Court, along with also also the activation of a separate three-month suspended sentence for similar actions at Canterbury Crown Court.

Time served will be discounted, however, meaning Robinson should eligible for automatic Discharge on licence after roughly two months.

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Source : Tommy Robinson Sentenced to Nine Months in Prison