Top Best Game Garbage Truck Match the classic board

There are some very innovative board games coming out these days. Garbage Truck Match is the classic board game. I remember when major manufacturers would re-release a game and it usually just had slightly different artwork and a new color scheme but now the new digital versions take the board game genre to a new level. Lights, sounds, music and talking directions allow for an entirely new interaction.

Childrens matching game with garbage truck theme, only matching game on google play with this specific theme, can choose between 3 levels of difficulty, and as long as your winning the game goes on.

Although you have critics on each side of the fence, the important thing here is interaction. Spending time with your children and having fun.

* Garbage Truck Match is the classic board game, which helps develop memory skills in children.
*This game was designed to help children who love garbage trucks!
*You can play with your child and teach them the differences between garbage waste, recycled waste, and environmental or green waste.

-Nice soothing music thats kid friendly, and a familiar sound with an exciting twist!
-Able to change difficulty by selecting the 3 levels included
-Continuous gameplay that will keep your child busy while developing concentration, recognition, and motor skills
-Bright and colorful for children to easily recognize the images in the game
-On/off music option for playing in quiet settings
-User friendly interface designed for easy pick up and play convenience

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Have fun! and we hope you and your child love playing Garbage Truck Match!