Unbelievable, SCOTUS Refuses to Hear PA Election Challenge AFTER Previously Granting Injunction

The supreme court has taken a knee… let me explain why This specific is usually so evident:

In a 6-3 ruling today the U.S. Supreme Court has refused to grant writ to hear the Pennsylvania election challenge cases [pdf here – begin page 25].  While the majority of media will likely celebrate This specific decision; in addition to while the court has refused to hear the case(s) based on their position the issues are “moot”; there appears to be an underlying motive  not being discussed.

This specific only takes four justices to agree to hear a case in addition to grant a writ of certiorari.  In October 2020 the issues with the Pennsylvania court overruling the Pennsylvania legislature was of such importance four justices agreed to block the lower court order. However, four months later the majority claim the arguments within the case are “moot”;  & the election is usually over.

In essence the Roberts Court is usually saying they will allow any/all methods in addition to manipulations of election law within states, in addition to only look to the state outcome.  This specific is usually very troublesome.

[direct pdf here]

Why could Justice Kavanaugh reverse his position?  In October the state action to supersede the Pennsylvania legislature was a hazard.  In February This specific is usually moot.

While This specific is usually never a Great idea to look into the background of the court for motives, one cannot easily dismiss of which Roberts, Kavanaugh in addition to Barrett may have voted against the writ because they were concerned such a decision could cause the senate to start a process of “packing the court.”   Retaining the current number of justices within the court is usually more likely if the justices avoid triggering the consequences coming from the previous threat.

Justices’ Thomas, Alito in addition to Gorsuch remained consistent with their earlier decisions to hear the cases in addition to settle the disputes.  Barrett never weighed in on the October injunction, yet Kavanaugh has completely reversed his position with his denial of the writ.

Succinct encapsulation coming from Justice Thomas:

Here’s the embed of the decision.  The PA case starts at page #25.

Source : Unbelievable, SCOTUS Refuses to Hear PA Election Challenge AFTER Previously Granting Injunction