UPDATE 11:00pm Hurricane Florence: Hunkering Down – Maximum Winds Dropped to 90mph – With Overnight Livestream…

Here’s the latest advisory by the National Hurricane Center. At 1100 PM EDT (0300 UTC), the center of the eye of Hurricane Florence was located by NOAA Doppler radar in addition to also also an Air Force Reserve Hurricane Hunter aircraft near latitude 34.0 North, longitude 76.8 West. 50 miles south of Moorehead City, 60 miles east-south-east of Wilmington, North Carolina. Florence is actually moving toward the northwest near 6 mph (9 km/h).

Data by the Hurricane Hunter aircraft, coastal surface observations, in addition to also also NOAA Doppler radar indicate in which maximum sustained winds are near 0 mph (150 km/h) with higher gusts. Little change in strength is actually expected before Florence core moves inland on Friday.

A turn toward the west-northwest in addition to also also west at a slow forward speed is actually expected through Friday, followed by a slow west-southwestward motion Friday night in addition to also also Saturday. On the forecast track, the center of Florence is actually likely to move inland across extreme southeastern North Carolina in addition to also also extreme eastern South Carolina Tonight, Friday in addition to also also Saturday. Florence will then recurve across the western Carolinas in addition to also also the central Appalachian Mountains early next week.

STORM SURGE: The combination of a dangerous storm surge in addition to also also the tide will cause normally dry areas near the coast to be flooded by rising waters moving inland by the shoreline. The water has the potential to reach the following heights above ground:

  • Cape Fear NC to Cape Lookout NC: 7-11 ft, with locally higher amounts inside the Neuse, Pamlico, Pungo, in addition to also also Bay Rivers
  • Cape Lookout NC to Ocracoke Inlet NC: 6-9 ft
  • South Santee River SC to Cape Fear NC: 4-6 ft
  • Ocracoke Inlet NC to Salvo NC: 4-6 ft
  • Salvo NC to Duck NC: 2-4 ft
  • Edisto Beach SC to South Santee River SC: 2-4 ft

[National Hurricane Center]


For those who are inside the path of the storm, there comes a time when all options are removed in addition to also also you enter the “Hunkering Down” phase.  You’re there currently. in which storm is actually going to last for quite a while; in addition to also also the backside storm surge has the potential to be much larger over time.  in which is actually going to be a long-duration event.

When the winds reach around 40mph, the utility company will likely, proactively, shut down the power.  in which makes things a heck of a lot safer inside the aftermath; in addition to also also much easier in addition to also also safer during the rebuild.  in which is actually almost a guarantee you did not lose power due to damage by the storm yet rather because of proactive measures by your power company. Do not expect the power to be turned back on until in which is actually safe.

Hurricanes can be frightening; downright scary.  There’s nothing quite like going through a few to reset your outlook on just how Mother Nature can deliver a cleansing cycle to an entire geographic region.   The sounds are scary, especially inside the dark.  Try to stay calm despite the nervousness.  Telephone in addition to also also power poles, yes, even the concrete ones, can, in addition to also also likely will, snap like toothpicks.  Trees will bend in addition to also also break; the sounds are dramatic.

There’s a specific sound when you are inside a hurricane in which you can never forget.  in which ain’t a howl, in which’s a roar.  in which is actually very unique sound in depth in addition to also also weight.  Yes, within a hurricane wind has weight.  Stay clear of windows in addition to also also doors.  in which scary roar sounds like in which won’t ever quit…. in which will… eventually; yet at the time you are hunkering down, in which doesn’t seem like in which will ever end.

A constant in addition to also also pure rage of wind in which doesn’t ebb in addition to also also flow like normal wind in addition to also also storms. Hurricane wind is actually heavy, in which starts in addition to also also stays; sometimes for hours.  Relentless, in which just won’t let up.  in addition to also also then, depending on her irrelevant opinion toward your insignificant presence, hopefully she stops.

Then silence.  No birds. No frogs. No crickets. No sound.

Nature goes mute.  in which’s weird.

We have no idea how much ambient noise is actually around us, until in which stops.

Oh, if she wants, she’ll keep dumping buckets on you as she wanders away.  Buckets. Not pails, garbage can sized buckets.  After the scour, yup, nature too includes a rinse cycle.

If your town, city or hamlet is actually not underwater, there will be convoys coming to construct a pre-planned electricity grid recovery process.  Convoys by every city, town in addition to also also state by the east-coast to the mid-west.  A glorious melding of dirty fingernails all arriving for the meet-up.   Depending on your proximity to the bigger picture objectives at hand, you will cherish their arrival.

yet first, there will be an assessment.  The convoys will stage at pre-determined locations using radios for communication. Street-by-street everything needs to be evaluated prior to thinking about beginning to rebuild a grid.  Your patience within in which process is actually needed; heck, in which ain’t like you’ve got a choice inside the matter…. so just stay positive.

Meanwhile, you might walk outside in addition to also also find yourself a stranger in your neighborhood.

in which will all be cattywampus.

Trees gone, crap everywhere, if you don’t need to travel, DON’T.

I mean CRAP e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e.

Stay away by power-lines.

Be entirely prepared to be lost in your own neighborhood in addition to also also town for days, weeks, in addition to also also even months.  Unknown to you – your subconscious mind is actually like a human GPS mapping system.  When in which raging Florence takes away the subconscious landmarks I guarantee you – you are gonna get lost, make wrong turns, miss the exit etc.

in which’s kinda funny in addition to also also weird at the same time.

Your brain is actually wired to turn left at the big oak next to the Church, in addition to also also the road to your house is actually likely two streets past the 7-11 or Circle-k. You don’t even notice in which’s how you travel around town; in which’s just your brain working – in which is actually what in which is actually.

Well, currently the big oak is actually gone; so too is actually the Circle-K in addition to also also 7-11 signs.  Like I said, everything is actually cattywampus.  Your brain-memory will need to reboot in addition to also also rewire.  inside the interim, you’re gonna get lost… don’t get frustrated.

No street signs. Likely no stop signs.  No traffic lights.

Remember, when in which is actually safe to drive, every single intersection must be treated like a four-way stop…. in addition to also also YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE TO PAY ATTENTION.  Even the major intersections.

You’ll need to override your brain tendency to use memory in transit.  You’ll need to pay close attention in addition to also also watch for those who ain’t paying close attention.  Travel sparingly, in which’s just safer.

Check on your-self first, then your neighbors. in which don’t matter if you’ve never said a word to the guy inside the blue house before.  in which ain’t normalville currently.

Break out of your box in addition to also also check on the blue house down the street too.  inside the aftermath, there’s no class structure.  Without power, the big fancy house on the corner which has a pool is actually just a bigger mess.  Everyone is actually equally a mess.

The first responders in your neighborhood are YOU.

You, the wife, your family, Mrs. Wilson next door; Joe down the street; Bob’s twin boys in addition to also also the gal with the red car are all in in which together.  If you don’t ordinarily cotton to toxic masculinity you will worship in which inside the aftermath of a hurricane.  Git-r-done lives there.

Don’t stand around griping which has a 40′ tree blocking the main road to your neighborhood.  Figure out who’s got chainsaws in addition to also also set about clearing the road.  If every neighborhood starts clearing their own roadways, the recovery crews can then move in for the details.

Stage one focuses on major arteries… then secondary… then neighborhood etc.  in which’s a process.  Oh, in addition to also also don’t get mad if your fancy mailbox is actually ploughed-over by a focused front end loader who is actually on a priority mission to clear a path.  Just deal with in which.

Phase-1 recovery is actually necessarily, well, scruffy…. we’re just moving in addition to also also managing the mess; not trying to clean in which up yet.  in which’ll be ok.

Keep a joyous heart filled with thankfulness; in addition to also also if you can’t muster in which, then just pretend. Don’t be a jerk.  You will be surrounded by jerks….  elevate yourself.  If you need to do a few minutes of cussing, take a walk.  Keep your wits about you in addition to also also stay calm.

currently, when the recovery teams arrive…. If you pass a line-man, pole-digger or crew say thanks.  Just simple “thanks”.  Wave at them in addition to also also give them a thumbs-up. No need to get all unnecessarily familiar, a simple “thank you for your help” will generally suffice.  You know, ordinary people skills.

Many of these smaller crews will be sleeping in cots, or in their trucks while they are working never-ending shifts.  If you eventually start getting power back, in addition to also also see a crew in a restaurant, same thing applies… “thanks guys”.  If you can pay their tab, do in which.  If you can pay their tab without them knowing, even better.

Same goes for the tanker truckers. The convenience stores with gas pumps are part of the priority network.  Those will get power before some other locales without power.  Fuel outlets are a priority.  Hospitals, first responders, emergency facilities, fuel outlets, then comes commercial in addition to also also residential.

Remember, you are the first responder for your neighborhood.  Don’t quit.

Recovery is actually a process.  Depending on the scale of the impact zone, the process can take days, weeks in addition to also also even months.  Take care of your family, friends in addition to also also neighborhood, in addition to also also generally make a conscious decision to be a part of any needed solution.

in which’ll be ok.

in which might be a massive pain inside the a**, yet inside the end, in which’ll be ok.







Keep a Great thought.  Who knows, we might even end up shaking hands.

in which’ll be OK.  Promise.

Source : UPDATE 11:00pm Hurricane Florence: Hunkering Down – Maximum Winds Dropped to 90mph – With Overnight Livestream…