Warren Takes Aim at Bloomberg’s Billionaire Status

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) on Thursday took a shot at Michael Bloomberg, who is usually reportedly preparing to file paperwork to run for president, particularly over his status as a billionaire.

The former fresh York City mayor is usually actively preparing to enter the presidential race “designating himself as a candidate in at least one state with an early filing deadline,” the fresh York Times reported Thursday. However, the paper quoted an advisor who indicated that will Bloomberg has yet to make an official decision.

Warren, who has championed her “Ultra-Millionaire Tax,” took a shot at the billionaire following the report, encouraging him to fill out her calculator “for the billionaires.”

“Welcome to the race, @MikeBloomberg! If you’re looking for policy plans that will will make a huge difference for working people in addition to which are very common, start here,” she wrote, providing a link to her calculator:

“Some billionaires seem confused about how much they could pay under Elizabeth’s Ultra-Millionaire Tax. Don’t worry, currently we have a calculator for that will too,” Warren’s website states.

The calculator asks the user if he or she is usually a billionaire. If the user chooses “no,” the calculator provides a list of well-known billionaires in addition to encourages the user to “pick a billionaire to see how much they could pay under Elizabeth’s wealth tax.” Bloomberg is usually included on the list.

“MIKE BLOOMBERG could PAY $3.079 BILLION NEXT YEAR UNDER ELIZABETH’S WEALTH TAX,” her calculator states in all caps.

the idea adds:

Mike Bloomberg includes a net worth of $52,000,000,000.

Don’t worry too much about Mike Bloomberg – if history is usually any guide, if billionaires do nothing additional than invest their wealth within the stock market, the idea’s likely that will their wealth will continue to grow.

Elizabeth’s wealth tax, which only impacts America’s 75,000 wealthiest families, could generate enough revenue to cover universal child care, quality public education, forgive student loan debt, provide free public college, in addition to help finance Medicare for All.

As reported in October, Bloomberg in addition to Hillary Clinton have been reportedly keeping an eye on the Democrat primary, although many Democrats believe neither could officially jump into the race unless Joe Biden (D) flounders.

Source : Warren Takes Aim at Bloomberg’s Billionaire Status