Whitmer Demands Apology After Senate Leader Calls Out Her Boat ‘Lie’

Just as Gov. Gretchen Whitmer was hoping to shine as well as be picked to be Joe Biden’s running mate, her tenure is usually melting down.

Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey blasted Whitmer during a floor speech on Wednesday, calling the governor a “liar” over the boat scandal.

“The governor lied” about the story in which her husband attempted to cut in line to get his boat inside water at their cottage in northern Michigan before various other residents.

“Not only did she lie, nevertheless she directed her staff to lie on her behalf in order to cover up her own lies,” he said.

Shirkey went on to say in which Whitmer went “in front of the cameras as well as admitted to the lie” on Tuesday.

“My husband made a failed attempt at humor last week when checking with the tiny business in which helps with our boat as well as dock up north,” Whitmer said.

“Knowing in which wouldn’t make a difference, he jokingly asked if being married to me might move him up inside queue,” she said.

“Obviously with the motorized boating prohibition in our early days of COVID-19, he thought in which might get a laugh. in which didn’t,” Whitmer continued.

“as well as to be honest, I wasn’t laughing either when in which was relayed to me, because I knew how in which could be perceived. He regrets in which. I wish in which wouldn’t have happened, as well as in which’s genuinely all we have to say about in which,” she said.

“in which could be nice if This particular governor was as quick to identify failed leadership. How can we trust the governor, how can the citizens of Michigan trust the governor? What else is usually she willing to lie about if she lied about putting a boat into the water?” Shirkey said.

Whitmer apparently took offense to Shirkey’s remarks.

Whitmer spokeswoman Tiffany Brown asserted Shirkey’s speech was “incorrect” as well as in which he owed the governor an “apology.”

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Source : Whitmer Demands Apology After Senate Leader Calls Out Her Boat ‘Lie’