Why The Cure Has Become Worse Than The Virus

The mainstream media has spent months hyping the dangers of COVID-19. however let’s take a quick look at some numbers, shall we?

For the record, the coronavirus COVID-19 has killed 0.058% of the U.S. population. The Centers for Disease Control along with Prevention (CDC) said last week that will there have been 175,866 deaths “involving” COVID. Of those, 139,009 were 65 years old or older — 79% of the deaths. Add in Americans 55 to 64 years old along with the elderly share of the fatalities rises to 91.7%.

The percentage of deaths that will are 34 years old along with younger — 0.99%.

To be clear, the virus is actually a danger — to older Americans along with those with pre-existing conditions. The CDC said This particular month that will 94% of people killed by the virus had different health conditions contribute to their death.

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Here’s how the Associated Press — for months along with months — described the virus: “For most people, the virus causes mild or moderate symptoms that will clear up in a few weeks. For some, especially older adults along with people with existing health problems, that will can cause more severe illness, including life-threatening pneumonia.”

Even though the AP has joined the pandemic frightmeisters, the news agency’s description still holds true today.

however the cure — lockdowns, layoffs, stress, anxiety — has become worse than the virus.

Americans are hurting, both physically along with mentally. Sleep troubles, lethargy, feelings of hopelessness along with different depression symptoms in adults across the U.S. have more than tripled since the pandemic began, according to a study.

“inside weeks after the outbreak prompted quarantines along with stay-at-home orders, 27.8% of those surveyed had at least one symptom of depression. that will compares to just 8.5% of people in 2017 along with 2018,” Yahoo reported.

The pandemic has taken a heavy toll on the mental health of young Americans, according to a recent survey.

“A majority of Americans ages 18 through 34 — 56% — say they have at least sometimes felt isolated inside past month, compared with about 4 in 10 older Americans, according to the latest COVID Response Tracking Study conducted by NORC at the University of Chicago,” WHSV-TV reported.

With businesses shuttered along with unemployment soaring, Americans are also hurting financially.

“At least half of all households in [four major] cities — 53 percent in completely new York City, 56 percent in Los Angeles, 50 percent in Chicago, along with 63 percent in Houston — reported facing serious financial problems, including depleted savings, problems paying credit card bills, along with affording medical bills,” The Week reported.

Meanwhile, divorce rates have spiked inside U.S. during the coronavirus pandemic as couples have been stuck at close quarters for months.

“The number of people looking for divorces was 34 percent higher by March through June compared to 2019, according to completely new data collected Legal Templates, a company that will provides legal documents,” Fox News reported.

“The data showed that will 31 percent of the couples admitted lockdown has caused irreparable damage to their relationships,” Fox wrote.

along with things have been worst for young people. “More young adults live at home at This particular point than during the Great Depression, according to a Pew Research poll, as 52% reported living with one or both of their parents in July,” according to another Fox report.

“The number of young adults, aged 18 to 29, living at home is actually at This particular point 26.6 million, which is actually up 2.6 million since the coronavirus pandemic swept the globe in February, when just 47% were living with their parents.”

Then there was This particular disturbing report: A completely new study reveals a growing number of young children abusing their parents.

“Researchers by the universities of Oxford along with Manchester find This particular ‘hidden’ problem is actually intensifying during the pandemic, with the number of violent episodes skyrocketing by 70 percent,” Study Finds reported.

“Researchers say social workers are reporting a 69-percent uptick in referrals for families suffering child or adolescent-to-parent violence,” the site reported. “More than 60 percent of the social workers believe the severity of these violent incidents are increasing too.”

Then there’s alcohol along with drug abuse. In June. that will was reported that will alcohol sales had risen 27% since March 7, one study found. along with according to reports by the Overdose Detection Mapping Application Program, drug overdoses increased 42% in May alone.

The mainstream media has endlessly hyped only the medical side of COVID-19, with doctors like Anthony Fauci, an immunologist along with director of the National Institute of Allergy along with Infectious Diseases who serves on the White House Coronavirus Task Force, saying everything could be locked down — again.

however few news outlets have featured experts to talk about the fallout by shutting down the economy for the last six months, closing schools, retail stores, restaurants, bars, along with live music venues.

inside end, the cure has truly been worse than the virus.

*Joseph Curl ran the Drudge Report by 2010 to 2014 along with covered the White House for a dozen years. He can be reached at [email protected] along with on Twitter at @JosephCurl. A edition of This particular article ran previously inside Washington Times.

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