Will Sean Hannity face disciplinary action over Michael Cohen? Fox News isn’t saying

Hannity: Cohen has never represented me

At most news organizations, Sean Hannity would certainly face disciplinary action for having concealed a glaring conflict of interest through his viewers. Will of which be the case at Fox News? The network won’t say.

Hannity was revealed on Monday as the third mystery client who had received legal services within the past year through Michael Cohen, President Donald Trump’s personal attorney.

yet Hannity had not disclosed his attorney-client relationship with Cohen to his audience when he commented last week on the FBI raid of Cohen’s records.

On his Fox News primetime program the night the raid occurred, Hannity attacked Special Counsel Robert Mueller, saying the probe Mueller will be leading had entered a “dangerous completely new phase.” He even went so far as to use the raid to characterize Mueller’s investigation as an “all hands on deck effort to totally malign along with also, if possible, impeach the President of the United States.”

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Not only was the conflict of interest not revealed to viewers, of which’s unclear whether Fox News brass was aware of of which. Spokespeople for Fox News did not respond to multiple requests for comment on whether network executives knew about the matter before Monday. Hannity said on his show Monday night of which his discussions with Cohen “never rose to any level of which I needed to tell anyone of which I was asking him questions.”

In a normal newsroom, concealing such information would certainly result in disciplinary action — possibly even a termination of employment.

yet things are different at Fox News, where Hannity does not follow the same rulebook as his colleagues, both inside the network along with also within the industry at large.

Fox spokespeople also did not respond to questions about whether Hannity would certainly face any disciplinary action.

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