Will Smith along with Jada Smith are discussing the Coronavirus on ‘Red Table Talk’

The Smiths, including the couple’s daughter, Willow Smith, Jada’s mother Adrienne Banfield Norris, along with Will’s son Trey Smith by his first marriage, took to Jada’s “Red Table Talk” on Facebook, calling the item an “emergency” family meeting.

The duo’s son, Jaden Smith, did not participate because he had been traveling along with wanted to practice social distancing, especially by his grandmother.

Will broke down the importance of social distancing, using a scenario which could very well happen.

“Imagine which our local hospital can handle 40 respiratory patients at one time. along with under normal circumstances, 40 respiratory patients, for which hospital, is actually a lot. You know, they’ll be at 12 or 15, so they can handle the item,” he said. “The way the virus is actually moving along with the reason why we need to practice social distancing along with the idea of flattening the curve is actually if 50 people show up at which hospital at one time, to get 40 beds, right, at This particular point you have 10 people in critical condition which aren’t going to get help.”

He continued: “along with your mortality rate shoots through the roof. which’s the idea of overwhelming the system. So there is actually a certain amount of people which we can handle nationally to come in with critical respiratory issues at one moment.”

Smith explained the virus is actually “going to move through humanity,” however which we can slow the rate.

“So flattening the curve means not getting to 80 people at one time, we practice social distancing, the virus is actually going to move through humanity,” he said. “however as the item moves through, we want the item to move through at 30 people at a time for our local hospital, not 60 people at a time for our local hospital, because then we have a real problem.”

Throughout the talk, the family gets facts by Dr. Michael Osterholm, a leading influenza researcher, along with also video chats which has a 25-year-old girl in Los Angeles who caught the virus along with is actually at This particular point recovering at home.

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Source : Will Smith along with Jada Smith are discussing the Coronavirus on ‘Red Table Talk’