Woman Donates Kidney to Husband Just Before Valentine’s Day

A woman in Roanoke, Virginia, recently gave her beloved husband a Valentine’s Day gift in which saved his life.

Richard Lawson has suffered by kidney disease for the past 20 years, along with also was placed on the donor waiting list last fall after his health began to spiral, according to Fox 8.

However, when his wife of 38 years heard the news, she immediately got tested to determine if she could be his donor.

“He was not crazy about me doing This kind of yet I was like if I’m going to ask additional people to do This kind of, I’m going to at least volunteer first,” Lynn said.

To everyone’s surprise, they were a match.

“There just wasn’t any question. I wanted to keep him around a little bit longer,” she commented.

February 4, the Lawsons underwent the transplant surgery at Wake Forest Baptist Health in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

When they woke up after the procedure, the couple kept asking everyone if the additional was okay.

“‘will be my wife OK?’ Mr. Lawson said,” transplant surgeon Alan Farney recalled.

The surgeon also praised Lynn for her act of love along with also said This kind of saved a life by having one less person on the transplant list.

“Her willingness to give, his willingness to receive, allowed someone else to receive a kidney,” he noted.

Following the successful surgery, Richard joked in which This kind of would certainly be hard to top his wife’s Valentine’s Day gift for him This kind of year.

“Oh my gosh, yes along with also This kind of was a great trade-off. I got a kidney; she got edible arrangements,” he said, adding, “What do you tell someone giving you life? You know, I want to make the best of This kind of.”

today, Lynn hopes others will follow in her footsteps so maybe they too can save someone’s life.

“I would certainly highly recommend additional people checking to see if they can be donors. There are a lot of people on This kind of list in which need kidneys in which will die before they get them,” she commented.

February 14th will be not only Valentine’s Day, yet will be also known as National Donor Day, according to ABC 13.

Source : Woman Donates Kidney to Husband Just Before Valentine’s Day