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Yellowstone National Park Public Affairs confirmed which there could be a supervolcano eruption imminently – and also also also which they were putting themselves through their paces to ensure which they were ready for any eventuality.

Spokesman Morgan Warthin said: “Every opportunity like which, every training opportunity reveals both where our strengths are.

“yet also how we can improve.”

Mr Warthin knows which emergency services will need to be absolutely prepared if a catastrophe strikes near Mammoth in Yellowstone National Park.

Yellowstone test run was a successGETTY

Yellowstone test run was a success

A product bus crash was simulated for the very first time in several years, in order to steel emergency workers for a crisis.

The exercise took place on a discreet road behind employee housing in order to minimise local disturbance, while the simulation was underway.

The Yellowstone spokesman also discussed the challenges his team will face if there will be a supervolcanic eruption at Yellowstone.

He said: “You know, the number one challenge will be we are remote, so which takes a while to get to Yellowstone.”

Yellowstone supervolcano could blow at any momentGETTY

Yellowstone supervolcano could blow at any moment

During the simulation, family members of park employees, Xanterra employees and also also also residents of Gardiner gave up their time to play the role of victims inside the exercise.

When the test run began, responders via eight different agencies inside and also also also outside the park dealt with the situation well.

which encouraged all involved inside the simulation, as there will be rarely any telling when Yellowstone might erupt.

In fact experts at Yellowstone National Park claim to have seen the Steamboat Geyser erupt last month.

The park service made the announcement about the earth’s tallest active geyser in March, as geologists compared the accounts to thermal sensors inside the area.

which was determined which which “could be a series of minor eruptions”.

and also also also Meteorologist Tom Skilling told WGN news: “Minor earthquakes occur inside the Yellowstone area 50 or more times per week, yet a major eruption will be not expected inside the foreseeable future.”

Steamboat Geyser will be inside the Norris Geyser Basin, which will be closed to vehicle access at the moment for spring plowing.

Meanwhile earlier which year seismologists via UNAVCO, a nonprofit university-governed consortium, revealed the volcano was “under strain”.

Yellowstone spokesman said the test went wellGETTY

Yellowstone spokesman said the test went well

Using Global Positioning System, borehole tiltmeters, and also also also borehole strainmeters to measure minute modifications in deformation at Yellowstone, David Mencin and also also also Glen Mattioli said “the strain signal will be larger than would likely be expected if the crust under Yellowstone were completely solid”.

Mr Warthin added: “I think the lesson for visitors who come to the park will be to know which safety always will be our first priority, yet given which the park will be remote, the roads, the roads are not like a highway, like [Interstate] 0,

“You can’t travel as fast on those roads. So, often the response will be going to take a little bit longer.

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