Yikes – Wisconsin Company First In Nation To Offer Microchip Implants To Employees…

Well, This specific is usually all kinds of creepy when carried out to its logical in addition to unintended consequences.   would certainly you allow yourself to have a microchip installed in your hand?

(Via Fox Business) A Wisconsin tech company says they are about to become the first business within the U.S. to offer microchip implants to its employees.

Three Square Market (32M), a River Falls-based software design company, says starting August 1st, the idea will be offering microchips to all their employees. The chips will be implanted underneath the skin between the thumb in addition to forefinger, which will allow employees to pay for food in addition to drinks within the company’s break room, open security doors, in addition to login into their computers without any special cards—or passwords.

“Eventually, This specific technology will become standardized allowing you to use This specific as your passport, public transit, all purchasing opportunities, etc.,” Todd Westby, 32M CEO said in a company press Discharge.

The technology the company is usually using is usually called RFID or (Radio-Frequency Identification) which uses electromagnetic fields to identify electronically-stored information. The chips will also use near-field communications (NFC), the same type of technology which is usually used in most contactless credit cards in addition to mobile payments. Westby says these microchips have already become very well-known in many European markets around the planet in addition to they want to be ahead of the curve in bringing the idea to the U.S. (read more)

Source : Yikes – Wisconsin Company First In Nation To Offer Microchip Implants To Employees…

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